Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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St. Francis Medical Center hosts annual toy, coat drives

St. Francis Medical Center is now holding its annual blanket and coat drive as part of its mission to help those in need.

‘Nobody is Above the Law’ rally to be held in Trenton

A "Nobody is Above the Law" rally will be held this evening in Trenton. The rally is is one of hundreds expected to be held across the nation.

Hamilton, Trenton schools participate in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Schools and Trenton in Hamilton have been selected to participate in the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.

Upcoming musical production tells the story of American pioneers

The story of the American pioneers is told in "Pioneer Songs," Ewing resident Eric Houghton’s epic meditation on the courage of those who blazed the western frontier.

Trenton’s cultural soul on display at Trenton City Museum

The exhibition “Pushing 40” continues at the Trenton City Museum (TCM) through Saturday, November 10 with a related public program set for Sunday, November 4.

Innovative sculpture turned on after years in the dark

The November 3 Art All Day 2018 coordinators are highlighting a special event that will put the light on Trenton’s role as a cultural center — literally.

Trenton arts: The French connection

Trenton-born composer George Antheil, born in 1900, was an accomplished young pianist when he began studying music composition in Philadelphia in the early 1920s.

Trenton building plan faces continued opposition

In another state and city interaction, the EDA presented its plan for one of two new office buildings planned to replace three existing ones.

The Cryptkeeper Five sounds off at Millhill Basement

The Trenton-based Cryptkeeper Five is marking its 20th anniversary of bringing its punk rock/horror punk/Jersey rock sound to loyal fans in Trenton.

Robbinsville artist Alia Bensilman goes mind strolling in Trenton

The work of Tunisian-American artist Alia Bensliman integrates and contrasts the Eastern experiences of her native North Africa with the peculiarly American impressions of her married life in New Jersey.

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Racist Facebook posts shake up Hamilton Township School Board election

The Hamilton Post searched Hamilton Township school board candidates' Facebook accounts and found two had a history of offensive comments.