Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Todd Evans serving Trenton art family style

"I am an open mic host, community artistic event organizer, a bit of a poet, and run a community theater group — most, if not all, of my events...

Book is a product of love and T.A.S.K.

"Welcome, everyone, to my first poetry book,” writes Deborah Kisela on the opening pages of “Poems of My Own: Love and Life”

BeSuited is dressing up in Downtown Trenton

The impetus for Evan Harris' BeSuited came last year when COVID-related layoffs ended his six years of work at Men’s Warehouse on Route 1

Princeton eBikes sets wheels in motion for a good cause

With e-bikes, an additional trend is pumping up the action. Namely, the appeal for aging cyclists of motor-assisted bikes that can still allow enjoying fairly lengthy or hilly rides

Public interest in labyrinths has been growing over the past several years, according to the World Labyrinth Society

Area towns slated to receive millions in federal aid

Mercer County and the communities within will receive a combined total of almost $187 million in aid from the federal government over the next two years.

Exit 7A: The Capital City’s creative connection

You know a business is from New Jersey when it’s named for an exit off the Turnpike

Carolyn Wylie keeps the faith at Passage Theatre

One year after the pandemic disrupted Passage Theater‘s schedule, board president Carolyn Wylie is keeping the faith for the capital city’s only nonprofit professional theater

Off the presses: Pablo Medina’s ‘The Foreigner’s Song’

Cuban-born American poet Pablo Medina's new collection includes meditations on New Jersey's capital city of Trenton

Preserving the legacy of Trenton’s brutalist architecture

ACT! is asking the state to hold the wrecking ball on the New Jersey Health and Agriculture Building

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Alejandro Hernandez: From Hamilton to Hollywood

Long-time Hamilton resident Alejandro Hernandez has spent the past three years as a regular recurring cast member on the medical drama “New Amsterdam”