Thursday, April 15, 2021

The WW-P School Board should reduce taxes

Right now the WW-P Board of Education is deciding how much they will raise our taxes this year. They should consider lowering our taxes this year. The budget will be voted on around April 25.

Paul Ligeti: Penns Neck—The crossroads of history

The story of Penns Neck begins with the icon after whom it was named—William Penn, famed Quaker founder of Pennsylvania.

Helen Kull: Echoes from Cross Keys

Around the 1860’s, in the limited vicinity of Ewingville, Ewing [Presbyterian] Church and Shabbakonk Road, which he considers his ‘neighborhood,’ John Hendrickson recalls that there were from 20 to 30 houses

Ilene Black: The tree of our lives

There’s a big old gnarled tree on Broad Avenue. It sits outside our neighbor’s fence, with a grassy area between it and the street.

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