The Robbinsville High School class of 2021 is competing for $10,000, and residents can help them get it.

The class is participating in the U Got Brains Champion Schools Program, a peer-to-peer initiative focused on teen driving safety, presented by the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey.

This year’s campaign, said class advisor Jennifer Allessio, is called “Alert Now, Alive Later” and is focused on educating communities about how to be a safer driver. Robbinsville students, parents, staff and community members are invited to participate. At the end of the campaign, a panel of judges will review each school’s efforts and award a cash prize to the winners.

The class of 2021 will host a Safe Driving Spirit Week from May 4 to 8—each day will focus on a different virtual event. The current iteration of the campaign looks a little different from the original plan, though.

Robbinsville has competed in the U Got Brains Champion Schools Program since 2003. Past campaigns include writing a bill with Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo, walking in the Robbinsville Saint Patrick’s Day parade, hosting a safe driving video contest at Robbinsville High School and selling air fresheners that featured reminders not to text and drive.

Robbinsville’s Safe Driving Spirit Week features five days of virtual events.

“This year we had hopes of holding a large, in person event to educate the community about safe driving,” Allessio said. “However, with the pandemic, we had to drastically change our campaign approach. We hope that our message is still able to reach our community and beyond now that our campaign has gone virtual.”

The week kicks off May 4 with participants wearing green to signify a pledge to be safe on the road. On May 5, participants can post a picture to social media wearing glasses or sunglasses to mark their commitment to keeping their eyes on the road. May 6 is centered on “Being a Designated Texter.” To participate, post a throwback picture of you and a friend.

On May 7, community members are encouraged to post a picture of their favorite band or artist as a way to promote keeping music volume low while driving. Finally, on May 8, participants can post a picture of something that energizes them to promote staying alert behind the wheel. 

Posters should use the hashtags #rvilleproud and #alertnowalivelater when sharing their photos. Each day, organizers will randomly select one participant to receive a $25 gift card. At the end of the week, one community member who participated in each event will win a $50 gift card.

Another way to participate is sharing your thoughts about safe driving at Event organizers will compile all of the videos to create a district-wide safe driving PSA. One participant per school plus one adult will receive a $25 gift card. Community members can also sign the Share the Road Pledge at To sign, enter “Robbinsville High School” in the High School Affiliation box. The Brain Injury Alliance will select someone who completes the pledge to win a gift card.

Organizers request that all submitted material must be school-appropriate. Winners will be announced on the campaign’s Instagram page, @rville_ugotbrains, as well as on the district’s Facebook page.