Bordentown Regional High School will be host to a free farmers market on Saturday, April 11 for people in need.

Free containers of mixed produce from local farms will be available one per car from 1 to 3 p.m. in the school parking lot. The food supplies are intended for anyone who is struggling to pay for basic needs during the Covid-19 crisis.

(Facebook photo.)

The market will be drive-up only and organizers ask everyone to observe social distancing protocol. Walkups will not be permitted for safety reasons, and no registration or identification will be required.

The market will operate on a first-come-first-served basis, and demand is expected to be high.

The market is a co-production of NJ Farmers Against Hunger, Bordentown City, Bordentown Township and the Bordentown Regional School District.

Community News spoke to Sruti Desai, an organizer of the event and a Bordentown City resident, for some additional information.

Community News: Why is NJ Farmers Against Hunger hosting this free event?

Sruti Desai: Distribution centers and warehouses that typically supply restaurants and other food establishments are looking for distribution channels to prevent waste of perishable produce. They’re turning to food pantries and NJ Farmers Against Hunger to get the supply out to those in need. Farmers Against Hunger saw an opportunity to work with Bordentown City and Township because program director Brian Strumfels, is a Bordentown City resident.

He wanted to be able to give back to the community he lives in and together with the help of myself and cooperation from Bordentown City, Bordentown Township, and Bordentown Regional School District, we made it happen within a very short window.

CN: Who made this possible and why is it important for the community?

SD: Brian Strumfels worked with me to organize this effort in a short timeframe. I had the assistance of Bordentown City Mayor James Lynch and Deputy Mayor John Brodowski, Bordentown Township Administrator Mike Theokas, Bordentown Regional School District Superintendent Dr. Ed Forsthoffer, and Bordentown Township Chief of Police Brian Pesce. Not to mention a band of incredible local heroes, AKA volunteers.

This event is extremely important for our community because it’s providing free fresh produce to those who may not have be able to source it themselves because they’re physically unable to leave their home, they’re immunocompromised and unable to go to the grocery store and have no one to go for them, they have been hit financially due to the virus, etc. There are so many reasons how this will benefit residents especially the day before Easter Sunday.

CN: What would you say to families/residents in the area about the event?

SD: We are traveling in uncharted territory and the best thing we can do to keep the ship afloat is take care of one another. Our community is strongest when it sticks together and we lift each other up. It’s important to remind one another we are not alone, we will get through this together, and we will come out stronger than ever before!

Your community is here to help and we hope you will take advantage of the resources we’re making available to keep you healthy, safe at home, and well fed.

CN: Will there be more events like this?

SD: We will have to see what the response is to this event tomorrow. We are hoping to do more than just one, and make use of the food supply until it dries up.

The high school is located at 318 Ward Ave., Bordentown NJ 08505.