Thursday, July 19, 2018

Princeton-based Lego artist exhibits works in New York City

Andre Veloux, the Princeton-based artist whose feminism-inspired works are created exclusively from Lego bricks, is exhibiting works in New York City.

Quiet dining, with images of a bygone era

With murals recovered from the speakeasy era basement bar now gracing the walls of the dining room, the modern day Peacock Inn has a touch of old world dining that is rarely found these days.

The proud Peacock Inn rises again

Peacock Inn has undergone a rebirth as an upper-tier boutique hotel, but perhaps there is something here for Princeton residents of more modest means.

Barskys’ world: making dream homes a reality for some, nightmares for others

For some people Barsky is synonymous with tear downs of small homes and the building of McMansions that seem out of proportion in the neighborhood.

Parting Shot: The long shadow of 1968

Those who were in Princeton last spring and who were at the forefront of the demonstrations will keep busy building better bars and turning on the erotic lamps in their windowsills. Welcome home.

Shakespeare in the park comes to Princeton

Princeton audiences can take in Shakespeare’s “All’s Well That Ends Well," free of charge, at the Community Park North this month.

‘The Hidden Ally’ now available in paperback

‘The Hidden Ally” — a novella that first appeared in the August, 2017, issue of the Echo — is now available in paperback through Barnes & Noble.

Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch brings her performance art to Dohm Alley

It’s impossible to pass by Dohm Alley and not have your curiosity piqued. It will be even harder to miss when Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch brings her performance art to the space.

Was Albert Einstein a little bit racist?

In an era when there seem to be near daily revelations about long-respected celebrities’ past wrongdoings, it was only a matter of time before the news arrived that Princeton’s best known and most beloved genius had a dark side.

Bring on the bowls, Sweetberry Bowls opens in Princeton

Sweetberry Bowls has opened in Princeton Shopping Center. The purveyor of acai bowls was founded by three health-conscious north Jersey natives in 2017,

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Acme set to close in Lawrence Shopping Center

The Lawrence Shopping Center will lose a major tenant next month when the Acme grocery store closes its doors in late August.