Friday, March 23, 2018

Hoagie Haven opens second location two doors down on Nassau Street

Princeton sandwich shop Hoagie Haven has opened another location just two doors down from their original Nassau Street shop.

Waiting for Mr. Right: Adventures of being over 40 and single in Princeton

Over 40 and single in Princeton? Kristin Friberg knows the scene, and shares her adventures and misadventures.

At Nelson Glass on Spring Street, a plan for six new apartments

Anyone concerned about housing in Princeton would prick up their ears at news of six new residential units.

Clarke Cottage: a colorful history where blue tarp meets red tape

Are there takeaways from the story of the Clarke Cottage? A tale of owning and renovating a home with history in Princeton.

The makings of a Princeton masterclass

The masterclass is part of the PSO’s “BRAVO” educational outreach program, developed in conjunction with the Westminster Conservatory of Music.

At Suppers Programs, health is on the menu

The 12-year-old Suppers program was started by Princeton resident Dor Mullen with a goal of creating “a world free of suffering caused by processed food.”

Familiar name designing Princeton University campus expansion plan

A New York-based architectural firm with a strong Princeton connection has been selected to design the new residential college buildings that will mark the beginning of the latest expansion of the Princeton University campus.

On March 14, all eyes in Princeton are on Einstein

In 2009, Mimi Omiecinski noticed a coincidence too good to pass up: Einstein’s birthday, March 14, is the numerical equivalent of pi — 3.14. In her own moment of genius, Pi Day was born.

Parking with Possumus: Smart meters are now ‘live’ in downtown Princeton

The Possumus smart meters are “live,” in the parking lot at Craft Cleaners at 225 Nassau Street after 6 p.m. on weekdays and after 5 on Saturdays.

Letters to the Princeton Echo editor: Beware ‘open classrooms’

The October 2 Princeton Board of Education facilities referendum is actually a vote on major changes to our educational system.

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Judge: West Windsor responsible for 1,500 units of affordable housing

A state superior court judge has ruled that West Windsor Township is responsible to provide for 1,500 units of affordable housing.