Members of a Hopewell Township family have tested positive for COVID-19.

The family had been practicing self-quarantine since March 14, said the Hopewell Township Health Department and Montgomery Township Health Department in a joint statement March 18. Montgomery Township handles health services for Hopewell Borough and Pennington Borough.

One of the individuals who tested positive is a teacher at Timberlane Middle School. The teacher was asymptomatic while at school.

Health officials recommend that all parents monitor their children for fever and cough until March 27 and contact their health care provider should these symptoms develop. Individuals may exhibit very mild or no symptoms and still be able to spread the virus.

Residents should not call 911 with questions about the case.

“The facts cannot be ignored or minimized,” read the statement. “The COVID-19 virus is already present in our community, regardless of anyone’s relationship to this specific case. There will most assuredly be more cases in the time ahead. It is critically important that all residents diligently proactive social distancing right now. We cannot stress enough how
important this practice is for the health and safety of the entire community.”

The health departments recommend staying home, avoiding non-essential trips and maintaining six feet of distance between other people when venturing out. Activities such as sleepovers, play groups, birthday parties and congregating of any kind should be avoided.

“This is the time when your actions can make the difference between life and death, whether we are able to slow or reduce this outbreak, or we will see—in Hopewell Valley—desperate scenes like those that have been broadcast from places that didn’t act firmly enough, soon enough,” the statement read.

Hopewell Valley Regional Schools will utilize remote learning until at least March 30. Parents will be notified of further evaluation by March 23.

For the latest information, check out the Health Department’s joint COVID-19 website.