There are three candidates up for two seats on the Fieldsboro Council: incumbent Richard Lynch, Megan Salvaggio and Rosemarie Weaver.

Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch, 62, has lived in Fieldsboro for 35 years. He is currently a sales representative at Smires Realty in Bordentown. He graduated for Bordentown Regional High School and attended the College of New Jersey, where he earned degrees in industrial education and special education. Aside from council, be previously served on the Fieldsboro Planning Board. Lynch started the Fieldsboro Friends Facebook page and handled courtroom renovation prior to the merger with Bordentown City.

Rosemarie Weaver

Rosemarie Weaver, 49, was raised in Fieldsboro and moved back to the area 12 years ago. She attended Bordentown Regional High School and graduated from Rowan University with a bachelor’ in communications and a master’s in public relations. Weaver has worked for the Petco Animal Supplies corporate office in the store operations training department for 18 years. She is currently the treasurer at Fieldsboro United Methodist Church and has been a member of the Bordentown Elks for 10 years.

The Bordentown Current sent all candidates the same four questions. They had one week to file their answers. Salvaggio did not respond. The questions and the candidates’ answers are below.

Question 1: What do you think is the most pressing issue in Fieldsboro? How do you plan on addressing it?

Lynch: Property, street and road conditions, and resident concerns on the speeding issue. I am currently on council and on the Property Committee. We are inspecting all the time and the Boro is looking very good but can always improve.

Weaver: The most pressing issue is to continue the movement toward safe roads and walkways for all residents, in a diversely affordable community. I’d like to see if there are opportunities for county grants on the main road for safe crosswalks.

Question 2: Residents are concerned about speeding in town. What do you think the borough can do about this?

Lynch: We are taking measures now with Washington Street and also Union and Delaware. We are having the sides painted and center lines painting to help slow the traffic down. This has been an ongoing issue which we continue to address.

Weaver: To continue the good partnership with the Bordentown City Police Department. It’s important to communicate the speed for all drivers, both residents and those passing through, and that unsafe driving through Fieldsboro is not tolerated.

Question 3: The borough does not have a website. Do you think it should? How do you think it can improve communication with residents?

Lynch: We are in the stages of creating a web site currently.

Weaver: The current council and mayor do a fantastic job in communicating through the Fieldsboro Friends Facebook page. This page offers up-to-date information, important dates and community events, reminders on garbage/recycling days and timely responses from the mayor and council. This is an easy way for residents to ask questions about our town. If a resident is not connected to Fieldsboro Friends, I highly recommend joining the page.

Question 4: Why should residents vote for you?

Lynch: I care about the residents and our community and I give much of my personal time to make the Boro a better place to reside and available at all times with resident concerns.

Weaver: Growing up in Fieldsboro and returning as an adult, it’s easy to see the continued hard work of the mayor and council. From beautifying the town, to maintaining a safe community, I would like to do my part in supporting the future of our town, as a safe, diverse and importantly, an affordable place to live.