Maziarz: diversity key to raising competent kids

I’ve lived in Hopewell Borough with my husband and two children since 2013, and both my children attend Hopewell Elementary School. Many of you in Hopewell Borough know me, and many more of you know my family, Ali, Darius, and Roxy Ashraf.

My parents moved to Hopewell Township in 1979, in large part because of the quality of the school district, and I attended Bear Tavern, Timberlane, and HVCHS. I have a BA in History from Brown University, and an MS in journalism from Columbia University. I have worked for over 20 years in politics, communication and education, including 15 years of teaching English at the community college and university level. I’m also a Jeopardy champion.

I’m running to represent Hopewell Borough on the board of education because I believe that public schools are a huge foundational part of both our communities and our society. Through the public schools, our children gain the knowledge and skills to move them forward through life, as well as the values that will guide their journeys. Exposing children to a broad range of ideas, cultures and life experiences throughout their schooling is essential to raising broad-minded, competent, kind and resilient citizens.

As a parent, I understand the need for high standards, clear communication, and a responsive administration. As an educator, I understand the need for a supportive working environment for faculty and staff. And as a taxpayer, I understand the need for the district to be fiscally responsible while providing these things. I have a deep commitment to this community, and will work diligently to represent the interests of all the people in Hopewell Borough.

Liz Maziarz

Hopewell Borough

Coco running for school board seat

As a father, husband, nurse, attorney who clerked for the New Jersey Supreme Court and a volunteer with board experience, I can bring new ideas and broad expertise to our schools. My two boys are attending HVRSD, and I want to make our schools the best that they can be while keeping our taxes down and reverse the recent trend of large tax increases.

Our students and schools must remain competitive in academics, and our community must remain competitive in affordability. This task requires experience with contracting, board governance, negotiations and financial acumen. I am up to the challenge. My background in law and volunteer community boards will be an asset to our schools and community.

I attended New Jersey public schools and moved to this wonderful community in 2012. Although New Jersey public schools and HVRSD consistently rank among the best in the nation and state, there is always room for improvement. Our schools should provide solid foundations in reading, math and science in the early grades.

Later grades should focus on technology, engineering and practical skills. Students should be prepared for both college and the workforce. They should learn basic finance and debt prevention so they are not drowning in credit card debt at a young age. They should also learn mental health first aid so they can recognize and prevent suicides and other tragedies. Help me help our students become academically strong, champions of kindness and stewards of our environment.

Michael Coco