I found your recent article on Mercer County recycling to be very informative, but it failed to mention that about 50 percent of the WWP News readership actually resides in Middlesex County.

It would be helpful to me and my fellow Plainsboro residents to see information specific to Middlesex County.

A PDF of the recycling brochure can be found on the township website: plainsboronj.com/DocumentCenter/View/7110/Plainsboro-Recycling-Brochure-2019.

While I am reading this from a lay person’s perspective, it appears as if there may be some minor differences between Mercer and Middlesex when it comes to what is permitted at curbside pick-up.

For example, Middlesex will accept pizza boxes and paper bags, and specifies a number of other types of paper that are acceptable, including non-metallic wrapping paper, cereal boxes, tissue boxes and shoe boxes.

Beyond a few possible exceptions, the message appears to be consistent between the two counties.

Middlesex also will not accept items in trash bags, nor will they accept plastic shopping bags, window glass or styrofoam.

The overall message of “when in doubt, throw it out” seems to apply in Middlesex County as well.

John Menninger