Sam Amico opened the Robbinsville location of DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies in 2007.

It’s no secret that “The Center of it All” is also the “Center of Pizza Paradise.” For years now, Robbinsville has been spoiled by not just one, but two nationally ranked pizzerias.

From Thrillist to USA Today to New York Times restaurant reviews, these two restaurants have the chops. People not only from the area but from around the country come to Robbinsville to try Papa’s Tomato Pies and DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies.

Both Papa’s and DeLorenzo’s started in the Chambersburg section of Trenton decades ago. Now, they are once again practically neighbors—just a quarter-mile separates them.
“They all have strong ties to Chambersburg and where we all were. It’s great to be in this new great pizza place,” Samuel Amico, third generation owner of DeLorenzo’s said.

DeLorenzo’s Pies started in 1947 under Amico’s grandfather as a “mom and pop” shop after his great-grandparents immigrated from Southern Italy. When the time came, the family moved the business to the suburbs—one in Robbinsville and the newest in Yardley.

“It was great opportunity to move here to Robbinsville in 2007,” Amico said. “[Town Center developer] Sharbell gave us the space to mimic what we had in Trenton—foot traffic and all.”

DeLorenzo’s closed the Hudson Street location in 2012 after 66 years of serving the Trenton area.

Papa’s opened up on Butler Street in 1912 and moved to Chambers Street in 1945. It wasn’t until 2013 that they moved into their new digs in Robbinsville. The Azzaro family is originally from Naples, Italy and continues to take inspiration from their roots to run the business.

They also take the title of the “oldest family-owned pizza restaurant in the USA.” Nick Azzaro, now 70, runs the pizzeria alongside his family.

Papa’s Tomato Pies and Nick Azzaro came to town in 2013.

Things have changed a bit since moving from Trenton for both restaurants. DeLorenzo’s now accepts credit cards, has bathrooms and serves salads. Papa’s is now run by both the third and fourth generations. Both have 08691 ZIP codes, but that’s basically it when it comes to change.

It’s the same family atmosphere that makes customers feel like they are part of the bunch. Take a visit on a Saturday night and both are packed, loud and filled with laughter, good food and the salivating smell of fresh dough cooking.

What’s important to note is the fact that both still don’t take reservations. Yet that doesn’t deter a long line of customers lining up outside waiting to grab a table and pie.

“Proud of what we do,” Amico said. “And proud we don’t just throw a product out there. It’s us, it’s inherent and I am proud of that.”

Here in Robbinsville, the bragging rights continue between tomato pies being the best pizza in the country and having the best pizza places across the street from one another.

“Papa’s and us. It’s the same exact recipe for success. People who cared, second and third generations who continued the business,” Amico said.