I’m writing this letter because numerous communications with our police department for several years have yielded nothing.

I am told that the property I’m talking about is not township property but is privately owned. However, there are traffic signs there and they are constantly disregarded.

I am speaking of the post office and adjoining shopping center on Schalks Crossing Road.

There is an accident waiting to happen. I am there every day and no day passes without a violation of drivers leaving the post office lot where it says do not enter and entering the shopping center opposite where it says the same.

Perhaps we need a new sign — but they ignore the stop sign at Plainsboro Road as well.

I honk angrily and try to communicate with the drivers, but these violations do not stop. I have asked for more police presence there to no avail.

Maybe we need a “Stop this means you” sign at both of these spots, or some redesign.

This needs to be done before something tragic happens there.

— Phyllis Spiegel, Plainsboro