Sunday, July 15, 2018

From Ewing to Europe, drummer Joe Falcey is jazzing it up

From behind his drum kit on open jam night at Freddie’s Tavern in Ewing, Joe Falcey leads a band affectionately known as The Three Joes.

A long road to success for Ewing High School football all-star

Noah Castor’s appearance in the annual Sunshine Classic football game is the final episode of a long and winding journey that brought him to Ewing High School, but it’s not the culmination.

Can Ewing make PSE&G fix the roads that they dig up?

What can Ewing do to have PSE&G responsible to have our roads returned to the good condition they were in prior throughout our area?

Ewing Then and Now: Patriot in our back yard

Dave Hart has made it a personal goal to raise up his ancestor’s story. He has written and directed the documentary "John Hart: Portrait of a Patriot."

Betting on Black: a patient with no patience

Normally, a patient after surgery stays in bed, rests, gets pain meds, and generally recharges. Not this patient.

Bill seeks to establish county water system oversight commission

New legislation would create an oversight commission to ensure greater water quality for all towns serviced by the Trenton Water Works.

Ewing GOP stalwart Judith Bannister Peoples dies

Judith Bannister Peoples, 78, of Ewing, died suddenly on June 13 at her home. She was the long-time chair of the Ewing Republican Committee.

Hollowbrook Community Center and Pool celebrates reopening

More than 100 residents and township officials recently celebrated the reopening of the newly renovated Hollowbrook Community Center and Pool.

Traffic study will search for ways to improve safety on Parkway Avenue in Ewing, Trenton

Mercer County and the New Jersey Department of Transportation are looking at how to improve safety for everyone who uses Parkway Avenue in Ewing and Trenton.

PHOTOS: Ewing High School Prom 2018

From luxury cars to gorgeous gowns, Ewing High School students arrived to this year's prom in style.

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WTF? food truck celebrates 5th anniversary by opening Ewing food stand

After five years of operating the WTF? (Where's The Food?) food truck, owners Tim and Lisa McRae have opened a takeout food stand in their hometown of Ewing.