Three Democratic council members—council president Jennifer Keyes-Maloney, council vice president David J. Schroth, and Kevin Baxter — are running for re-election this year, unopposed by any Republican candidates on the ballot.

In lieu of the Observer’s usual election coverage, we have asked the Democrats to make a statement on their record and their future promises to voters.

Jennifer Keyes Maloney.

Over the last four years, we have worked diligently to ensure Ewing is on sound fiscal ground, pursued smart economic growth, focused on ensuring public safety and continually sought to invest in Ewing’s future.

Sound fiscal management. Along with Mayor Steinmann and our fellow Council Members, we have pursued fiscal policies that seek to ensure Ewing is on sound financial footing, and the results are apparent!

Ewing can now boast a AA+ bond rating, which allows us to bond efficiently and cheaply; and the state recognizes our fiscal integrity, allowing us to self-assess our budgets—a benefit only conferred on towns that have their ‘fiscal house’ in order.

While Covid-19 has put a strain on township finances, and the coming year will be economically trying, our focus over the last several years on maintaining an appropriate surplus will help us withstand some of the harshest financial effects Covid-19 could have on our ability to provide continued services to our residents.

Kevin Baxter.

Our focus is not just on fiscal management. It is essential to focus on quality of life of our residents. It is why we have continually invest in our parks, community centers and our neighborhoods. If given an opportunity to continue to serve, we will strive to ensure our residents have ready access to the services they deserve —whether that be leaf and brush pick-up, street cleaning and plowing, road improvements or community programming.

Smart economic growth. Ewing’s approach as it relates to economic development must consider current community needs, long-term trends, and an examination of what makes Ewing an amazing community. Because of our access to highway, air and rail, and the availability of skilled labor, Ewing is a great place to grow your family and build your business.

Over the last four years, we’ve carefully used our land use authority to advance projects, whether that be a small business seeking to put out a shingle, a large scale employer who has decided to make Ewing their home, or developers who seek to create new living spaces for our friends and neighbors.

David Schroth.

By planning for growth, we can support development as it occurs. This includes working with the school board, The College of New Jersey, and the county to ensure we work collaboratively to move Ewing forward. We are proud of the projects that are complete, those that are underway and those on the drawing board.

A commitment to public safety. We are committed to ensuring our residents can count on a response they deserve in an emergency. We have focused on ensuring we have sufficient police, fire and EMS personnel on staff, who receive appropriate training, and who possess the resources they need to do their jobs. We’ve also looked to support our fire volunteers, who provide invaluable support.

In recent years, we’ve also helped foster community policing initiatives to further breakdown the barriers between the community and our first responders, and ensure that critical dialogue occurs.

Investment in Ewing’s future. Finally, whether focused on our seniors, our youth, or everyone in-between, we believe that we must invest in our citizens through services and programs. From rabies and flu shots, to senior events and rec programs, Ewing has a lot to offer and we are proud of what we have done to ensure that we have something for you, whether you are 7, 17 or 77. But our primary focus is always on the core mission of municipal government: ensuring our citizens receive value for their taxes.

We will continue to work with the same passion and diligence tomorrow as we have for these past 8 years. Thank you for your support, and we ask for vote on Nov. 3.