Incumbent Eugene Fuzy is the lone candidate for one seat on the Bordentown Township Committee. He was asked to outline his vision for his upcoming term.

Fuzy, 43, has lived in Bordentown with his family for 10 years. He went to South River High School in MIddlesex County and earned an associate’s in biology from Middlesex County Community College and a bachelor’s in biology from Rutgers University. He is enrolled in a graduate program at Rutgers, where he is studying entomology. Fuzy plans to finish in October 2020. He is currently a stay-at-home dad and previously managed a turfgrass entomology laboratory at Rutgers. Fuzy, the deputy mayor, has been a committeeman for three years.

“Over the past three years, I have pushed for more modern communication methods from the Township. Since I took office, The Township has added an electronic monthly newsletter that includes events and information. The Township’s Facebook posts have improved consistency and content. The Township has added Twitter and Instagram to our social media profile. I personally spent a lot of time improving our website design and I am still overseeing additional content to the website. The next three years under my guidance will ensure these things keep moving forward and building on them to increase the public’s awareness of what the Township does and things occurring in your neighborhood. I will continue using my science background to look for good practical solutions. I will continue to argue against policies that are too restrictive. I will also continue to give back to this community with my time and knowledge. I am truly grateful for this experience and I will continue to take pride in the work I do for the Township and its residents. I always am available via e-mail or phone. I will always do my very best to make Bordentown Township better every year that I serve.”