The Class of 2019 at Hamilton’s three public high schools—including the Top 10 seniors featured starting on Page 24—will graduate June 19, 2019. Steinert High kicks things off 3 p.m. at Cure Insurance Arena, with Nottingham following at 7 p.m. Hamilton West’s fesitivities are 7 p.m. at the Trenton War Memorial.

Below are profiles of the top 10 graduating seniors in the Nottingham High School Class of 2019.

1. Michelle Muhammad

Rutgers University; doctor of osteopathic medicine. GPA: 4.83.

Clubs: Red Cross Club, Medical Careers Club, National Honor Society, Student Government, DECA, Coding Club, Hamilton Youth Coding Initiative, Science Honor Society, World Language Honors Society, Debate.

Prior schooling: Bartle Elementary School (Highland Park), Highland Park Middle School (Highland Park).

Teacher who inspired me: My AP Biology teacher, Ms. Bowen, helped me solidify my love for biology and my want to pursue this field into college. She helped me through every step of not only class but also life as I was always able to talk to her about everything from science experiments to music preferences and personal advice.

Favorite memory: Free days in my AP Chemistry class where everyone would sit on the floor in a giant circle to play Uno and charades for two periods straight.

2. Catherine Peluso

University of Delaware; prosthetics designer. GPA: 4.75.

Sports: Cross country (captain), track. Clubs: Coding Club and Hamilton Youth Coding Initiative (co-president), National Art Honor Society, Art Club, Peer Leadership Program, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society.

Prior schooling: Mercerville Elementary, Crockett Middle.

Teacher who inspired me: Mrs. Komjathy, my middle school math teacher, was the most influential to me because of her genuine care for her students. She always went above and beyond to make sure we understood the material and made us excited to learn.

Favorite memory: I will always remember the silly videos we made on bus rides to cross country meets. I will also definitely miss the afterschool scream-singing karaoke sessions my friends and I have in my car.

3. Makayta Cole

Stanford University; education public policy. GPA: 4.72.

Sports: Track (captain). Clubs: Coding club (founder), Key Club (president), Hamilton Youth Coding Initiative (founder), debate team, Red Cross Club (vice president), student government.

Prior schooling: I went to elementary school in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and attended Reynolds Middle School for 8th grade.

Teacher who inspired me: My computer science teacher and coding club advisor, Mrs. Manzano, has constantly supported and mentored me. The amount of encouragement and care she gives to her students is so awe-inspring and I feel so lucky to have had her as a teacher.

Favorite memory: During the summer before my senior year, I had the unique opportunity to participate in MIT’s MOSTEC program as well as the New Jersey Governor’s School in the Sciences at Drew University. The amount of knowledge, experiences, and friendships I gained over the summer are some I will never forget.

4. Haley Bergmann

The College of New Jersey; finance (mathematics). GPA: 4.67.

Clubs: Key Club, Coding Club, Art Club, Set Painting Crew (captain), National Art Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, and National Honor Society.

Prior schooling: Mercerville Elementary, Crockett Middle.

Teacher who inspired me: My pre-calculus teacher, Mr. Meinhardt, always pushed me to my limits as a student and inspired me to challenge myself. In his class, not only did I find an appreciation for the subject, but I also was taught the value of hard work.

Favorite memory: When my whole studio art class spent the entire day working on a mural in school. It was really great to bond with some peers that I normally wouldn’t talk to and some of my best friends over something we all love to do, and I love that we were able to leave our mark on the school in a beautiful art piece that will be there for students to admire for years.

5. Paige Rocco

The College of New Jersey; physics education. GPA: 4.64.

Sports: Field hockey, swimming. Clubs: Student Government, Hamilton N.E.W.S., Outreach for the Stars, Peer Leadership, National Honor Society, Science Honor Society.

Prior schooling: University Heights Elementary, Crockett Middle.

Teacher who inspired me: Mr. Innocenzi has had the greatest impact on my years at Nottingham because he believed in me and helped me to learn how to believe in myself. He inspired me to follow the STEM route and have confidence entering a male dominant career field.

Favorite memory: Making the 100 point club junior year. Being a part of the swim team has taught me the true meaning of determination, courage, and teamwork. Everyone on the team was always supportive of one another and the coaches pushed us to be the best we could be. I am so lucky to have been a part of this team and to have made lasting friendships with my teammates.

6. Julianna Martinetti

Virginia Tech; dietitian. GPA: 4.61.

Sports: Cross country, track, swimming. Clubs: Key Club, Peer Leadership.

Prior schooling: Kuser Elementary, Reynolds Middle School.

Teacher who inspired me: Coach Tees. He taught me more than my academic teachers.

Favorite memory: Coach Tees throwing a mushroom at Catherine.

7. Meraya Sirimis

Rowan University; orthodontist. GPA: 4.56.

Sports: Lacrosse, swimming. Clubs: Band front, National Honor Society, Hamilton N.E.W.S., School play tech crew (captain), Peer Leadership, Outreach for the Stars, World Language Honor Society, Empower Hour, varsity football stats, National Science Honor Society.

Prior schooling: Univiersity Heights Elementary, Crockett Middle.

Teacher who inspired me: Mrs. Wilkes, my 10th grade English teacher, has made the biggest impact on me these last 4 years. Without her constant support I wouldn’t be where I am today. She believed in me and pushed me to work harder than any other teacher.

Favorite memory: My favorite memory was during my freshman year. Nottingham’s girls lacrosse team, for the first time in history, won a game, against Burlington City, and I was playing it in. I am so happy I joined the lacrosse team and got to be apart of such an unforgettable moment in Nottingham history.

8. Simon Leong

Mercer County Community College; software developer. GPA: 4.55.

Clubs: Flux Core robotics team.

Prior schooling: Klockner Elementary, Crockett Middle.

Teacher who inspired me: Mr. Innocenzi has been the most influential teacher for me. He is the head mentor of the Nottingham robotics team, Team 2191: Flux Core. On the team, I have learned so much about cooperating with others, programming, and working with electronics. Thanks to robotics, my interest in technology stayed with me throughout high school.

Favorite memory: Experiencing the first victory of our robotics team. After the arduous weeks of designing, building, and programming our robot this year, we entered our first event of the season. With the help of our allied teams, Team 4342: Demon Robotics and Team 1640: Sab-BOT-age, we progressed up the bracket. When we made it to grand finals I was in disbelief as it was the farthest we had ever been. Then, we won. I was overwhelmed to the point I shed tears.

9. Gabriela Pesantez

Lafayette College; film editor. GPA: 4.54.

Clubs: Italian club (president), school senior video (editor), Princeton University Preparatory Program, National Honor Society, Hightstown Spanish Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Prior schooling: Greenwood Elementary, Crockett Middle.

Teacher who inspired me: Professor Campione. Apart from teaching us the Italian language and culture, he would give us life lessons. The one thing that I will always remember is “Take advantage of the opportunities life give you; don’t take advantage of people.” He had so much respect for me that I just didn’t want to let him down.

Favorite memory: Spending my lunch in my 8th grade teacher’s classroom with my friends. Mrs. Komjathy was my Honors Algebra 1 teacher, and since I had her for two periods I became pretty close with some of the kids in the class. I learned that my friends went to her room to have lunch. Soon enough, I did, too, and lunch went from a lonely period to one filled with fun and laughter. That was the year that I made true friends.

10. Brianna Radke

Drexel University; pathobiology. GPA: 4.47.

Sports: Soccer, swimming, track. Clubs: National Honor Society, World Language National Honor Society, Art National Honor Society, N.E.W.S, Peer Leadership, Outreach For The Stars.

Prior schooling: Mercerville Elementary, Crockett Middle.

Teacher who inspired me: Mr. Sisto has always pushed me to be better. Whether I was struggling with a math problem or a track workout, he always restored my confidence. He is somone who pushed me into the STEM field and showed me I can do anything I set my mind to. I am grateful to have met such a wonderful coach and teacher.

Favorite memory: Being a part of the spring track team taught me diligence, determination and drive. It built my confidence, and gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge. Teaching underclassmen was one of my favorite parts of being on the team, and it is amazing to watch young athletes grow into competitors. Like them, track helped me grow into the person I am, and it will forever stick in my mind.