Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Telltale Hart: Celebrating John Hart and our patriotic heritage

David Hart's new documentary, “John Hart: Portrait of a Patriot" explores the history of Declaration of Independence signer John Hart.

Ms. Sue Ms. Sue: A legend of mystery, music, and photography

Ms. Sue is a mystery. Better known as “Ms. Sue Ms. Sue," she’s been heard in the Trenton area since 1976 on the airwaves at WTSR 91.3 FM.

Trenton on the Move: Heidi Cruz-Austin and other artists are ‘transforming spaces’

Meet Heidi Cruz-Austin, whose Trenton-based company DanceSpora is known for its contemporary works, and other artists reshaping Trenton.

‘Duet’ captures creative spirit of Trenton’s Art All Day event

‘Duet” is not only the name of a new Artworks Trenton exhibition, it is an opportunity to take a look at the spirit of creating art in the capital city.

Former opera singer Gloria Teti has high hopes for Capital Philharmonic

Gloria Teti was hand-selected to lead the new board of trustees of the Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey, and she has big plans for her hometown's organization.

Civics 101: Putting the ‘we’ in ‘We the people’

It’s election season and time to get involved in more ways than just voting. But just how does someone start delving into federal, state, county, and local politics?

How Derrick McEady’s ‘eye for detail’ has reclaimed Mill Hill Park

The only member of the Trenton Downtown Association’s grounds crew division, Derrick McEady is credited with changing the downtown Trenton landscape.

Opera singer fills Grand Street church with ancient song

Andrew Skitko, a member of Opera Philadelphia Chorus and Philadelphia Symphonic Choir, is bringing opera back to Trenton.

Trenton exhibitions highlight city’s place in and of New Jersey

The New Jersey Arts Annual Special Edition on view at the New Jersey State Museum highlights the works of New Jersey artists chosen for their excellence.

DJ Ahmad Shakir sets the tone for annual Jersey Jam Festival

DJ Ahmad Shakir is just Trenton’s sound and pulse and in the best Jersey Jam.

Most Read

State, local officials go to war with embattled Trenton Water Works

The water flowing out of the taps of Trenton Water Works’ customers is safe to drink. But, with repeated operational issues eroding trust in the quality of water, scores of local and state officials are working to ensure it stays that way.