Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Trenton Election: meet the candidates shaping Trenton’s future

Two candidates are running to become Trenton's next mayor, Paul Perez and Reed Gusciora. The historical implications include the election of either the first Latino mayor, Perez, or the first openly gay mayor, Gusciora.

Trenton Makes: more than garden-variety farmers’ market

Much of the Capital City Farmers Market growth is due to innovations and standards created by Donald and her co-workers at the Trenton Downtown Association.

Trenton’s bike polo enthusiasts keep it real and keep it quirky

A growing community of bike enthusiasts get together on Sunday afternoons at a small park in Trenton’s North Side to play a friendly three-on-three tournament-style sport: bike polo.

Community arts activist Marisa Benson fights for Trenton War Memorial

Community arts activist Marisa Benson puts it this way: “The Trenton War Memorial is significantly under-resourced and is partly in disrepair... Yet it remains Trenton’s best treasure for presenting the performing arts and civic events.”

Trenton Project remembers Trenton’s painful night, April 9, 1968

New films are looking back one of the Trenton’s more painful moments: the Trenton riots that took place 50 years ago this month.

Trenton’s ‘Bad Boy of Music’ George Antheil jazzes up concert

The self-proclaimed “Bad Boy of Music” (also the title of his autobiography), George Antheil was born in New Jersey’s capital city in 1900.

Passage Theater resumes ‘Solo Flights’ performances

Passage Theater sets the March stage with a presentation of one of its signature events, Solo Flights: new stage works performed by a solo performer.

Mercer Street Friends’ Armstead Johnson keeps care coming

Armstead G. Johnson, executive director of Mercer Street Friends, discovered the nonprofit world soon after college and never looked back.

Fire Up Valentine’s Day weekend with flamenco dancing at Malaga Restaurant

Malaga Restaurant’s long running once-a-month Sunday tradition is a performance firmly rooted in the ancient flamenco tradition.

Meet the former U.S. senator who is making Trenton grande again

Robert Torricelli helped bring Starbucks to Trenton. It will include an in-store classroom that the company will use to hold job training programs for local youth.

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New owners, same traditions at treasured roadside ice cream stand Cream King

Cream King, the treasured ice cream oasis, opened in the mid-1950’s and has changed little since. But there has been one change this year. Cream King is under new ownership.