Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Exit 7A: The Capital City’s creative connection

You know a business is from New Jersey when it’s named for an exit off the Turnpike

Rental aid programs helping people in need

Millions have experienced significant hardship because of income lost due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately there are programs at the local and county level to help

The COVID-19 vaccine is here. What does it take to get one?

Officials have struggled to meet demand for the coronavirus vaccine, leaving people confused and frustrated about how, where and when they can get it.

Off the presses: Pablo Medina’s ‘The Foreigner’s Song’

Cuban-born American poet Pablo Medina's new collection includes meditations on New Jersey's capital city of Trenton

City lore: The prehistoric ‘Trenton Man’

“Who were these primitive people who hadn’t progressed enough to develop a bow and arrow and became extinct in Europe?”

Mercer County restaurant guide: who’s open, who’s delivering, what’s new

The latest information we have gathered on area restaurants, including contact info, pick-up and delivery options, specials, and more

100 people experiencing homelessness vaccinated at The Rescue Mission of Trenton

Mission CEO Barrett Young says people among the first people in the country staying at shelters to be vaccinated

Artist Khalilah Sabree celebrates 20-year journey of creating

Artist Khalilah Sabree is commemorating 20 years of creating art in the Capital City with a retrospective at Artworks Trenton, the downtown gallery where the artist has also had a studio

Massive drug investigation yields 18 arrests and $228,000 in illegal narcotics

A six-month investigation by the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office has resulted in the arrest of 18 suspects and the seizure of some 1,000 grams of heroin, 1,000 grams of methamphetamine, 15 pounds of marijuana, 11 guns, six vehicles and more than $22,000 in cash.

Hacked in 7 minutes: questions of vulnerability surround New Jersey’s aging voting machines

Many states have moved away from direct-recording electronic voting machines. New Jersey, however, remains one of a small minority of states still using DREs, a technology experts have proven vulnerable and unreliable.

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