Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Linguistic paradoxes; Digital’s discrete ‘charm’

Two more Princeton professors — one in psychology and the other in computer science — have books coming out in early February, both published by the Princeton University Press.

Summer fiction — and fun facts — from the Princeton Echo

As has become a summer tradition, the Echo presents a selection of short fiction from Princeton-area writers featuring people and places familiar to all Princetonians.

Letters to the editor: ‘Dinky’ alternatives

The story in the January Echo — “Is the Dinky best for the Dinky line?” — deserves comment.

Parting Shot: Pure Dawn by Pia de Jong

Tiananmen Exiles: Voices of the Struggle for Democracy in China was named one of the top five China books of 2014 by the Asia Society’s China File.

From the Princeton bookshelf: Religion, Rome and Fletcher Knebel’s encore

Elaine Pagels' memoir titled “Why Religion? A Personal Story,” blends an often tragic autobiography with her concurrent exploration of early Christianity and its enduring influences on modern society.

What can small businesses learn from startups?

That question is at the center of the Princeton Merchants Association’s Tuesday, February 19, member meeting.

From the bookshelf: Three Princetonians Have New Books

“The Patch,” scheduled for release November 13, is the latest from Pulitzer Prize-winning non-fiction writer John McPhee.

Nassau St.’s black light finally turns to green

After months of hovering overhead shrouded in black plastic at the busy corner of Nassau Street and Washington Road/Vandeventer Avenue, the new traffic light system finally got the green light to become operational.

In case you missed it: What’s happening around Princeton?

In an unusual, contested election at the Board of Education’s annual reorganization meeting, Beth Behrend was elected president and Greg Stankiewicz vice president.

Catered Affair: Mother & daughter team to expand Princeton Soup & Sandwich catering

The Ruddys remain true to their core business — delicious soups, like everything else in the restaurant, made from scratch

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The Hamilton animal shelter debacle: a conspiracy, or a crime?

Prosecutor, council say 329 shelter animals euthanized prematurely; Mayor Kelly Yaede alleges charges are political scheme