Tuesday, July 17, 2018

West Windsor Council president charged with hit and run in fender-bender

West Windsor Council president Alison Miller was charged with hit and run by township police in association with an accident in the lot at McCaffrey’s.

Lawrence Hopewell Trail provides residents with more than just a place to walk or bike

Bruce Ellsworth of Bristol-Myers Squibb rides his bike to work on the Lawrence Hopewell Trail. The 14-mile route to BMS campus in Pennington takes an hour in comfortable temperatures.

Steinert High softball, powered by 9-run burst in TOC final, makes history

The history of Steinert softball is long and illustrious, but the greatest single inning was played on June 8, 2018 during the NJSIAA Tournament of Champions title game.

Robbinsville Police Chief Nitti graduates from FBI National Academy

Robbinsville Police Chief Chris Nitti recently completed the formidable, and invitation-only program, FBI National Academy.

The hadrosaurus finds a home: state dinosaur returns to Trenton

New Jersey’s state dinosaur, the Hadrosaurus, was first discovered in Haddonfield in the 19th century. It has now taken up residence at the State Museum in Trenton.

Lawrence photographer and archivist tracks history through pictures

Life and art for Lawrence-based photographer and archivist Gary Saretzky have always been about keeping his mind open to the possibilities.

Bordentown therapy dog Shasta gives comfort to those who need it

Shasta is an “11-year old mixed breed with a beautiful red brindle coat,” describes her owner, Barbara Eget of Bordentown.

E.C. Bradley’s Candlelight Lounge makes Trenton a jazz destination

It may not look it, but the Candlelight Lounge, this dull-looking low building on Passaic Street in Trenton, is the real deal for jazz in New Jersey.

College fashion program dresses up downtown Trenton

Fashion in Trenton? Ask Katina Lindsay, who runs Mercer County Community College’s downtown fashion and merchandising program.

Nottingham’s Dana Ridley quickly becomes one of the state’s elite sprinters

As a kid growing up in Trenton, Dana Ridley was like one of those really good high school football teams that have trouble getting games on their schedule because everyone is afraid to play them.

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Acme set to close in Lawrence Shopping Center

The Lawrence Shopping Center will lose a major tenant next month when the Acme grocery store closes its doors in late August.