Friday, January 18, 2019

Updates from the Plainsboro, West Windsor police blotters

Police are searching for a man who shoplifted and assaulted an employee at Home Depot in Nassau Park Shopping Center on Nov. 29.

First-time West Windsor author’s book was 10 years in the making

And after decades of hearing people tell her she should write a few of her ideas down, Antoinette Zam listened. Her debut novel, "Scarred by Death," was recently published by Page Press.

‘Persistence’ exhibition proves disabilities don’t define the artist

The exhibition “Persistence,” currently on view at the Plainsboro Library, focuses on artists who create artwork despite various physical and neurological challenges.

Lawrence Library knitting circle members donate items to HomeFront

Residents at HomeFront will be a little warmer this winter thanks to the generosity of the Lawrence Library knitting circle.

BSB Gallery exhibit ‘Common Threads 7’ celebrates local immigrant talent

"Common Threads 7: Sanctuary," a new exhibit at the BSB Gallery, will celebrate the rich tapestry of immigration and the American story.

West Windsor Arts Center’s new exhibit showcases work from teachers, students

A new exhibit at the West Windsor Arts Center aims to expand students' knowledge as they experiment with art and creativity. 

Ewing man arrested for Trenton murder

A 20-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday night and charged with the November 2018 shooting death of Eric Severino.

Princeton man arrested for allegedly sharing child pornography

A 24-year-old Princeton man was arrested on Tuesday for sharing child pornography on the internet, Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri reported.

Bristol-Myers Squibb acquires Celgene for $74 billion

Bristol-Myers Squibb is acquiring Summit-based Celgene for $74 billion. According to analysts, BMS likely targeted Celgene because of the promising cancer drugs it is developing, which target blood cancers.

Stephen Benowitz voted Bordentown Township mayor for third consecutive year

Based on a unanimous vote from the Bordentown Township Committee, Stephen Benowitz was named mayor for the third consecutive year.

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New owner takes on task of fixing up Foxmoor Shopping Center

Progress might be hard to see today, but the new owners of Foxmoor Shopping Center say the gears have been set in motion to make it a whole new plaza by this time next year.