Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Titusville artist Norma Jean DeVico remembered for kind heart, sense of humor

Norma Jean DeVico didn’t want a funeral. She wanted a party. So family and friends gathered at the Titusville home she shared with her sweetheart to celebrate the life of a truly one-of-a-kind artist.

New owners, same traditions at treasured roadside ice cream stand Cream King

Cream King, the treasured ice cream oasis, opened in the mid-1950’s and has changed little since. But there has been one change this year. Cream King is under new ownership.

Farm-to-table complex takes root in Hopewell

Tucked away on a country road in Hopewell Township Roots to River Farm, a remarkable place where you can buy organic produce grown right on the grounds.

Lawrence Hopewell Trail provides residents with more than just a place to walk or bike

Bruce Ellsworth of Bristol-Myers Squibb rides his bike to work on the Lawrence Hopewell Trail. The 14-mile route to BMS campus in Pennington takes an hour in comfortable temperatures.

With record-breaking season behind them, diamond stars get ready for Legion ball

It should not have been a surprise that Hopewell Post 339 won its first six games in the Mercer County American Legion League this summer.

Hopewell Valley singer Sheridan Gates pursues her Nashville dream

From Pennington to Nashville, singer Sheridan Gates has worked her way up to become a budding music star.

Speaker series for high school athletes looks to connect students with role models

To help resolve leadership issues, three men decided to jointly create a course teaching leadership to athletes from the double perspectives of service and responsibility.

Hopewell Valley school district makes case for random drug testing

The Hopewell Valley Regional School District held its first town hall meeting to discuss a proposed new policy of random student drug testing for the 2018-2019 high school year.

Opioid crisis hits home at Hopewell Valley community forum on addiction

Hopewell Valley residents shared moving personal stories during a community forum on addiction, organized by the Hopewell Valley Municipal Alliance.

Calvary Baptist Clean Water Crew raising awareness of potable water crisis

The Calvary Baptist Clean Water Crew in Hopewell is raising $12,000 to support a clean water and sanitation project for a hill tribe village in northern Thailand.