Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Commentary: Isolation could be deadly for those in substance-abuse recovery

For addicts and alcoholics, meetings can be a lifeline. In other words, the current state of isolation for people like me could be deadly.

New coronavirus test site to open May 8 in Hightstown

Mercer County is opening a new COVID-19 test site this week in Hightstown starting on May 8.

Testing ramps up in advance of New Jersey reopening

Murphy administration wants to focus first on residential facilities and vulnerable communities that have paid particularly high price in COVID-19 deaths

Growing team of women’s health specialists at Capital Health OB/GYN Bordentown

Dr. Natalia Miranda and Dr. Stephanie Schwartz, both board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, recently joined Capital Health OB/GYN

Lawrence Twp Community Fundation awards $50K in emergency grants

The foundation had tabled the usual spring grant process to enable it to quickly respond to emerging community needs

May 4 update: 4,594 cases, 256 deaths from Covid-19 in Mercer County

Mercer County has now seen 4,594 people test positive for Covid-19, with 256 deaths attributed to the virus

Mercer County parks, trails, golf courses to reopen Saturday May 2

Not all parts of all parks will reopen, and some restrictions will apply

April 30 update: taking a look at Mercer County’s Covid-19 cases per capita

Hightstown and East Windsor are the unfortunate communities that look to have been hit hardest by the virus on a per-capita basis

Capital Health develops coronavirus antibody screening

The presence of the specific IgG antibody indicates that a person has produced an immune response to COVID-19.

Hamilton’s KNF Neuberger plays vital part in global pandemic response

Inside life-saving devices like ventilators are pumps that convey liquids, vapors or gases, pumps like the sort manufactured by KNF.