Tuesday, April 7, 2020

3 Mercer towns to provide drug, approved for COVID-19 treatment, at no cost

Greenhill Pharmacy in East Windsor has partnered with the townships of East Windsor, Robbinsville and Hamilton to provide Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate to treat patients suffering from COVID-19 at no cost starting tomorrow.

Guide to municipal news and Covid-19 updates during the crisis

A summary of all the municipal websites and social media feeds where residents can get up-to-date (or not so up-to-date) information on the Covid-19 crisis

Hamilton Township reports first death attributed to COVID-19

Hamilton Township announced April 1 that the first township resident has died from the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. The resident was a 63-year-old man.

New treatment locations at Capital Health aimed at aiding patient safety

With the goal of maintaining a high level of patient safety, Capital Health has established a new process for those arriving at its emergency departments.

Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann tests positive for coronavirus

Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann is the first mayor in Mercer County to test positive for COVID-19

Mercer Mask Project providing protection for health-care community

Handmade masks can't fully protect health-care workers from Covid-19, but in the absence of adequate supplies, they can provide some protection to those on the front line of the crisis

Experts share best practices to stay safe, healthy during COVID-19 outbreak

The most vital tips about COVID-19 from health organizations and local government has been consolidated in one place for ease of access.

Police: Ewing party host charged with disorderly persons offenses

Ewing police were called to an apartment on Concord Avenue at approximately 1 a.m. Saturday morning, March 28, on a noise violation

Personal protective equipment donations needed

The Mercer County Office of Emergency Management is asking the community for donations of badly needed personal protective equipment for first responders and health-care workers.

2 Princeton police officers, Mercer County employee test positive for Covid-19

The county also reports that 17 inmates were approved for release and discharged by the Mercer County Corrections Center as of March 26