Thursday, November 15, 2018

Now a senior, Steinert’s Xavier Roman makes presence known

In his first season as a starting middle linebacker last year, Steinert’s Xavier Roman led the Spartans with 112 tackles.

‘The Save’ jumpstarts Rende’s goalkeeping career

Notre Dame goalie Nicole Rende, a Hamilton resident, is in her second season as the starter for the Irish.

Hamilton Roundup: Little Friends get big visitor, St. Josaphat bake sale

What's happening around Hamilton? The 3-year-old class at Little Friends School in Hamilton enjoyed a visit from the Mercerville Fire Department.

Over 20 pounds of prescription drugs turned in during county’s Take-Back Day

Mercer County residents turned in over 20 pounds of unused or expired prescription drugs for disposal during the county's Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

Forever Hart Fit: Experience the total world of fitness

How time flies and in the case of Forever Hart Fit the past year has been one of dynamic growth.

Let’s talk turkey: one man’s reflections on Thanksgiving

I’ve always felt the need to defend Thanksgiving. Eventually, it dawned on me that I seemed to be the only one defending Thanksgiving. Could I be alone in my love for Turkey Day?

Place suffering over politics

The discourse surrounding sexual assault always inevitably pivots back to the accused, and not in the way it should. The solution to this feels simple: place someone’s suffering over politics.

People who live in glass houses

With our anniversary approaching, my wife and I wanted to do something to mark the occasion—kind of like a bigger-than-usual tally mark on the wall of our self-imposed prison.

How to promote healthy lungs

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, which serves as a time to raise awareness and understand the importance of lung health.

Racist Facebook posts shake up Hamilton Township School Board election

The Hamilton Post searched Hamilton Township school board candidates' Facebook accounts and found two had a history of offensive comments.