Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Hamilton Township up to 12 confirmed cases of Covid-19

A total of 12 positive Covid-19 cases have been reported in Hamilton Township, with patients ranging from 22 years old to 91 years old

Hamilton closing playgrounds, opening ecological facility

Plus one more positive test brings township total to 6 infected

Hamilton family starts relief fund for people out of work due to COVID-19

On a day when a record number of claims crashed New Jersey’s unemployment system, the Tramo family sat around its kitchen table discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic would affect many of the people they knew.

Hamilton Township reports first 2 positive Covid-19 cases

Two residents, a 48-year-old man and a 28-year-old female, have tested positive

The latest on coronavirus in Mercer County

Municipalities and facilities in the Mercer County region have made a number of adjustments following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Basketball star La’Keisha Sutton makes her hoops home in Hamilton

To most, La’Keisha “Swish” Sutton is known as being part of the global phenomenon known as the Harlem Globetrotters. But for those living in Mercer County, Sutton is much more than a Globetrotter, with her impact evident across her community.

Habitat for Humanity expands roots in Hamilton with ReStore

The retail branch operation of Habitat for Humanity, ReStore, has opened its doors in Hamilton

Act fast: heroic Hamilton High West staff members save senior after cardiac scare

Fast response key factor in survival of senior suffering from cardiac arrest
Joseph Kesting

Hamilton pianist Joseph Kesting makes 2nd Carnegie Hall appearance

Notre Dame junior is one out of over 5,000 instrumentalists that participated in auditions

Hamilton Township fire districts to hold elections on February 15

On the third Saturday in February, the public will have its say on the budgets and commissioners for Hamilton’s fire districts

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