Friday, January 18, 2019

Clean-up leads to historic find in Hamilton

In 1994 Susan Ruble and her husband James bought a home at 27 Lake Ave. in Hamilton. As she cleaned her home, she unearthed a historic local treasure.

Friendly bet gets Andrew Solarski’s swimming career off the blocks

Hamilton resident Andrew Solarski became a key contributor for the Notre Dame swim team last year.

Malik brothers anchor Steinert High ice hockey team

Brothers Dano and Trevor Malik are key players at opposite ends of the ice for the Steinert High School ice hockey team.

Hamilton fire consolidation inching toward reality in 2019

A contentious issue in town may see a resolution in the coming months—the final steps toward fire district consolidation in Hamilton could happen this year.

Hayden Watson grows into big role for Hun ice hockey

Hun hockey defenseman Hayden Watson, a Hamilton resident, hit a growth spurt that puts him at an imposing 6-foot-3, 195 pounds.

What you see is what you get

By all accounts, the President is a man more concerned with results than process, and he is someone who gave no indication that he cared, even on a superficial level, about the environment.

When journalism requires courage

Is being a journalist really courageous? It was in 2018 America, according to a new report by an organization called Reporters Without Borders.

Nottingham Northstars ready for big things from Josh Almanzar

Nottingham High School wrestler Josh Almanzar finished fourth in the Mercer County Tournament and third in districts last year.

Strange times, and even stranger Oreos

As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to Wasabi and Chicken Wing Oreos, flavor is a foreign concept.

Dapper Bus: Dedicated to the safety of schoolchildren

More than 500 caring employees of Dapper Bus dedicate their working hours to the safety and security of schoolchildren throughout New Jersey.

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New owner takes on task of fixing up Foxmoor Shopping Center

Progress might be hard to see today, but the new owners of Foxmoor Shopping Center say the gears have been set in motion to make it a whole new plaza by this time next year.