Sunday, January 26, 2020

Cino family faces long recovery after fire at Robbinsville home

Tragedy struck on Thanksgiving Day, when the patriarch of the Cino family attempted to repair the furnace at his Robbinsville home.

Hamilton schools adapt to booming English Language Learner population

As overall school enrollment in Hamilton continues to decline, the ELL population in the township’s schools has increased 76.4% between June 2015 and October 2018.

Thomas Kelly: 12 questions with D.J. Haslett

Painter, sculptor, poet and musician are just a few titles describing Hamilton resident D.J. Haslett.

Hoops officiating a father-son affair for Hamilton’s Young family

For the first time, a father and his two sons from the local referee’s organization IAABO 193 will officiate a game together when Trenton’s Foundation Collegiate Academy visits Florence on Jan. 18

Anthes: My Star Wars origin story

The Star Wars universe always has been one obsessed with parentage and origin. So, it’s only fitting then that my own life’s trajectory has been altered thanks to my father and his love for the world of Star Wars.

Sciarrotta: Another Star Wars column

If you watch television, use social media, know a nerd or have a pulse, you probably know that the final film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, was released in late December.

Peter Dabbene: Candy’s now part of this complete breakfast

After so many years near each other, it seems there’s been a notable amount of after-hours fraternization between cereal and candy, resulting in a new crop of cereals that wear their sugared unhealthfulness as a badge of honor

Kevin Boswell leads Hamilton West football in record-setting junior season

Kevin Boswell broke Hamilton West's single season rushing record, as the 8-2 Hornets regained their status as one of Mercer’s top programs.

Trenton Water Works to hold public forums in January

Trenton Water Works will hold four public forums in its suburban service area this month, with a potential rate hike among the subjects the utility promises to discuss.

Lala and Mimi’s Pajama Project donates 10,000th pair of PJs

Lauren and Mackenzie Multari's goal was to donate 10,000 pajamas before they graduated of high school. Now freshmen at the Peddie School, they met it three-and-a-half years early.

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Bordentown City police arrest suspect in Jan. 14 robbery

Bordentown City police arrested George T. Rodgers of Trenton following the Jan. 14 robbery of Investors Bank on Route 130.