Friday, July 19, 2019

Controversial Elcon facility in Bucks County poses toxic threat to New Jersey

The next few weeks mark a crucial juncture for a proposed plant that environmentalists say would pollute the air and potentially the drinking water of nearby towns

Are Aldi’s discounted prices worth it? We taste-tested 8 products to find out

Are the savings at Aldi worth it? We picked up half a cartful of off-brand items (along with their name-brand counterparts) to see how they stacked up. Here’s what we found.

Ewing’s Jim Smith brings music of TEEEL to life

Jim Smith, a 36-year-old Ewing resident, makes the music himself on synthesizers from the age of New Order, Depeche Mode, OMD, and Duran Duran—all of whom are major influences on his work.

Fireworks, concerts and more to mark July 4 in Mercer County

From concerts and fireworks to historical demonstrations, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the July 4 festivities in the Mercer County Area.

West Windsor man indicted in Ewing crash that killed TCNJ student

David Lamar has been indicted on one count of first-aggravated manslaughter and second-degree death by auto in connection with the death of 20-year-old Michael Sot.

Ewing High School sends its largest number ever to play in the Sunshine Football Classic

Delvon Doggett and Javon Strong are part of the largest contingent to ever be invited to play in the annual Sunshine Football Classic.

Arc and Trenton businesses open new opportunities

The Arc Mercer is seeking employers for what could be a win-win situation

Habitats for feeding pollinators are being set up in two Ewing locations

Ewing Township and Mercer County have teamed to create habitats to feed pollinators on municipal lands.

Mercer County holding meetings on Bicycle Master Plan

The plan is intended to guide installation of bicycle facilities on county highways, connecting with state highways and municipal streets

Forgotten History: The unbelievable story of the Mercer County man who never slept

Albert Herpin was known throughout the world as the man who never slept.