Friday, August 14, 2020

Suburban Mom: Olympics were a proud moment for Korean Americans

The Olympics in Pyeongchang were a proud moment for me as a Korean American. I loved the way my native country was being portrayed on the international stage.

Food for Thought: Josh Manuel Perez departs Peacock Inn

Peacock Inn owner Barry Sussman announced in mid-June that Perez, who had been executive chef since 2010, when the inn and restaurant’s dramatic, multi-million dollar renovation debuted, was leaving...

Ewing Then and Now: A glimpse at the ‘Ewing Yet to Be’

By Helen KullDespite the name, this column admittedly features far more “then” topics than “now” ones. This month’s, however, considers aspects of Ewing “now” and “yet to be.”A confluence...

Ewing Then and Now: The first school for the deaf in N.J.

The “stone house on the hill” from last month’s column sits on the campus of the Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf — another institution worthy of consideration.

Gardening Adventures: Thrillers and spillers to fill out your patio garden

It’s always a challenge to design a colorful pot arrangement when deer most likely will be waiting to partake of the tasty plants you have so painstakingly planted. Residents of...

Complex Simplicity: The countdown to classic rock countdowns

The current state of countdowns seems to be confusion—what’s classic rock, and what isn’t?

Parting Shot: Learning traditions

The rituals surrounding the prom are mysterious and puzzling to my eyes

The Suburban Mom Responds To the ‘Tiger Mother’ Outrage

When it comes to parenting, the Chinese seem to produce children who display academic excellence, musical mastery, and professional success — or so the stereotype goes.”I’m sure the Tiger...

Letter to the Princeton Echo: For ‘common ground’

Concerning the December 11 referendum, some possibly “overzealous” persons have said that people like myself, who were against the original bloated, ill conceived $137 million referendum, were “against our...

Lurking In My Shadow

I have a friend and I swear she’s stalking me, though she would say I’m doing the same to her. I drive into Princeton to pick up a sandwich...

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Lawrence Township Public Schools opt to begin school year remotely

Students will follow a set class schedule remotely, while teachers will report to school and instruct students from their classrooms.