Monday, July 13, 2020

Looking Back: Original Forest or Natural Open Space?

Even though I’ve been around here long enough to have observed a large amount of residential and commercial development, I have to admit that the West Windsor and Plainsboro...

Foster: The brave new world of education

This year we continue to focus on ways teachers can integrate these skills into their classroom practice.

New park means a lot to Foxmoor

By Jayme Race Editor’s note: The neighborhood park along Washington Boulevard in Foxmoor officially opened Oct. 23, the end of a hectic few years surrounding the lot. The Advance asked Foxmoor...

Looking Back: Flooding

The spell of continuous rain we experienced in late March reminds me that every decade or so since about 1960, there has been enough sustained rainfall in the West...

Goodbye Geoffrey: farewell from a Toys ‘R’ Us kid

I had come to Toys ‘R’ Us to say goodbye. In mid-March, Toys ‘R’ Us announced it would shut or sell all of its stores in the United States.

Commentary: king-sized sneakers and the fickleness of language

Every year, for 10 years, we have collected 30 questionnaires from Hamilton Township seniors. We never have received one quite like what 2017 Nottingham High School salutatorian Ans Nawaz has penned.

From The Schools: Half-cent tax increase helps achieve district goals

For the first time in many years the residents of Robbinsville will see very little increase in their upcoming tax bill.On March 11, the Board of Education approved its...

Suburban Teen: Dr. Ken and the Meaning of Patriotism

This past Sunday we celebrated our nation’s 234th birthday with fireworks, barbecue, and apple pie on a holiday that reminds us that we live in the greatest country in...

The Tradeoffs of Kids and Their Many Screen Devices

Will pulled out his notebook on the morning drive to school. “I have to study just a little bit more for my test today,” he informed me. I reached...

Sloan and the love of loving things

I want to apologize to, uh, pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to recently, for I have spent the last few years spreading the gospel of Sloan.

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NJ Motor Vehicle Commission to offer services to walk-in customers, July 7

The MVC designated its state agencies as either a vehicle or licensing center to limit specific operations to each location and follow safety guidelines.

A Jersey diner moves on