Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Helen Kull: Remembering Richie Cole

When 72-year-old internationally known jazz saxophonist Richie Cole passed away on May 2 in Pittsburgh, tributes came pouring in online and in social media.

Doing our civil duty

As citizens of this great country, we understand that we have a responsibility to thoughtfully and actively participate in our democracy as we work to uphold the values and principles it purports to represent. This is our civic duty.

Lisa Wolff: Let’s not return to normal

Like other special occasions occurring during this pandemic, Earth Day celebrated its 50th anniversary on April 22 amidst reduced gatherings and fanfare.

Pia de Jong: The Real Man

The disgusting way men eat is a window into their empty souls

Next Stop on Shabakunk Road: Vernam’s Dairy Farm

The Crozer/Vernam Dairy Farm stretches across both sides of the road down to the intersection at “Bull’s Alley” (today’s Green Lane)

School superintendents reach out to their towns during COVID-19 crisis

Throughout this closure period superintendents throughout the area have been releasing regular updates to the community.

Parting Shot: Going Home

I don’t have to get ready to visit my mother. She never likes it when I put anything on my face.

KFC (Korean fried chicken) comes to Princeton

It took much longer than it should have, but Princeton finally has joined the wildly (and justifiably) popular Korean fried chicken craze.

Letter: ‘Hope is in Hamilton’ now and in the future

Hope is in Hamilton is a campaign launched May 1 on the RWJUH Hamilton and the Shop Hamilton business’ social media pages with uplifting and inspirational messages of hope paired with the hashtag #HopeIsInHamilton

Grover Mill Pond, Six Years After Restoration

It was just six years ago this month that the newly restored Grovers Mill Pond was reopened for public use. The lengthy restoration process had begun in 2004 with...

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NJ Motor Vehicle Commission to offer services to walk-in customers, July 7

The MVC designated its state agencies as either a vehicle or licensing center to limit specific operations to each location and follow safety guidelines.

A Jersey diner moves on