Friday, September 21, 2018

Ewing Then and Now: Patriot in our back yard

Dave Hart has made it a personal goal to raise up his ancestor’s story. He has written and directed the documentary "John Hart: Portrait of a Patriot."

Betting on Black: a patient with no patience

Normally, a patient after surgery stays in bed, rests, gets pain meds, and generally recharges. Not this patient.

The yin and yang of tents

Over the past 15 years or so, I’ve been a part of it all, beginning every April with setups for rowing (crew) races at Princeton University, and ending in December with a tent to cover the animals at a Living Nativity in Trenton.

Princeton Merchants Association: Making Princeton a destination

We all want the customer and visitor experience to be memorable, and we’d like for folks who have not yet come to Princeton to add this destination to their ‘bucket list.’

Schore to Please: Simple swimming precautions for 2018

With summer upon us, let us consider water safety. First of all, never swim if there is no lifeguard on duty.

A message to the Robbinsvile High School Class of 2018

In lieu of superintendent Kathie Foster’s monthly article, the following is an excerpt from RHS Teacher of the Year Tom Brettell’s graduation remarks June 20.

Fried: Work on ZIP code continues with appeal for Hamilton’s support

On June 19, I appeared before Hamilton Township Council asking for its support as Robbinsville continues its quest to secure ‘Robbinsville 08691.”

Suburban Mom bids adieu: the final column

If anybody had warned me how quickly 15 years would fly and I would be writing my last Suburban Mom column, I never would have believed it, but here it is, and here I am.

Parting Shot: dancing lights in the sky

It’s finally summer in Princeton. We had to wait until late spring to get warm, but now the roses are blooming and the air is dripping with fragrant honeysuckle.

Schore to Please: hoarding a horde of T-shirts

I now possess about 23,000 shirts, almost all of which I got for free. Consequently, I am having trouble closing my dresser drawers.