Thursday, November 15, 2018

A library among the trees

A library in a tree in a park that is itself a library of trees.

Letter: I support the Princeton schools referendum

I support the Princeton Public Schools Facilities Referendum and urge everyone to vote yes on both questions presented.

From the HoVal School Board: Celebrating second chances

On Aug. 13, Sustainable Jersey for Schools awarded Bear Tavern, Hopewell Elementary, Timberlane, and Central High School with Bronze Level certification.

Not shy about retiring

Continuing the theme of creeping decrepitude: How do you know when it’s time to retire?

Ewing Then and Now: The fridge and the flu

Another chapter of “Destination: Ewingville” continues this month as local historian Helen Kull explores what happened to the Ewingville driving track area.

Enduring the heat at a summer craft show

Being a crafter means that I spend a lot of time making stuff to sell, either online or at craft shows. Craft shows are not for the meek or hyper-sensitive.

An ode to the snack drawer

My snack drawer looks like what would happen if an 8-year-old got to run through a grocery store unattended and buy whatever she wanted.

Stripping down comics: a serious look at the funnies

When people sometimes call The New York Times an “elitist” publication, I wonder if it has, just a little bit, to do with the fact that it doesn’t feature comics.

Something’s got to give: Police versus minorities

The present mental disposition of police is an urgent health problem that requires immediate attention, starting with the implementation of reasonable rights.

Is September the most wonderful time of the year?

As we embrace the last few weeks of August, we begin to shift from our leisurely paced summer mode to the more regimented schedule of another school year.