Monday, April 19, 2021

Helen Kull: Revisiting 2020

I seriously doubt any of us would choose to revisit 2020—it was such a difficult and challenging year in so many ways.

Kiovsky: Bordentown and the portrait makers

The high caliber impact that Gilbert Stuart left on the world of early American art is huge.

Ewing and The College of New Jersey—standing strong together

Since 1930, when TCNJ relocated to Hillwood Lakes, The College of New Jersey and the Township of Ewing have stood strong together through good times and bad.

Kevin Nerwinski: No municipal tax increase proposed for 2021

The pandemic’s effects and impact leave many unanswered questions and our financial future unclear.

Fried: Let go of the hate

Are you doing everything in your power to bring a positive change in your community, within your family, or for another human being?

Peter Dabbene: Pardoning the turkeys? Well, pardon me!

'If I told you a group that’s under F.B.I. investigation for attempting to start a second civil war takes its name from the 1984 film Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, you might say that’s crazy'

Fight in the Museum: 10 questions with Barbara Jaenicke

Looking at the paintings of Barbara Courtney Jaenicke, you are transported to a specific spot, that you had to hike to get to

Nature in the Valley: Exploring the intersection between art and nature

Carolyn McGrath recently received the 2021 Governor’s Educator of the Year Award for her excellent work as an art teacher at Hopewell Valley Central High School

Checking in with: acting Hopewell Township administrator George Snyder

Starting this month, Hopewell Township is set to contribute a monthly column to Community News on a topic of interest to local readers

Pia de Jong: The tears of compassion

Compassion is a generous emotion, the one that concerns itself not with ourself but with others

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Alejandro Hernandez: From Hamilton to Hollywood

Long-time Hamilton resident Alejandro Hernandez has spent the past three years as a regular recurring cast member on the medical drama “New Amsterdam”