Friday, January 18, 2019

Hopewell Express readers endorse committee candidates

Letters from Hopewell Valley residents endorsing candidates in the Nov. 6 election.

From the Hopewell Valley school board: Lessons in civility

"While bad behavior seems much more prevalent in our national and political landscape, I truly believe that by and large our local Valley citizenry strives for a higher standard."

Tales of a hunter-scavenger

I pick up stuff, either while bike riding or walking the beach.

Bud’s motto: work hard, play hard

As October draws to a close, Kathie Foster takes a moment to consider her dad’s words of wisdom.

Let’s talk turkey: one man’s reflections on Thanksgiving

I’ve always felt the need to defend Thanksgiving. Eventually, it dawned on me that I seemed to be the only one defending Thanksgiving. Could I be alone in my love for Turkey Day?

Place suffering over politics

The discourse surrounding sexual assault always inevitably pivots back to the accused, and not in the way it should. The solution to this feels simple: place someone’s suffering over politics.

People who live in glass houses

With our anniversary approaching, my wife and I wanted to do something to mark the occasion—kind of like a bigger-than-usual tally mark on the wall of our self-imposed prison.

The state teachers college comes to Ewing Township

The N.J. State Normal School was one of a few teachers colleges in the country, and welcomed its first 15 students on Oct. 1, 1855 to classrooms in Ewing.

The (red) eyes have it

Did you ever go to bed looking perfectly normal and wake up looking like a cast member of The Walking Dead? No? How nice for you.

The weather girl

I used to have a little weather house that looked like an Alpine chalet. When the sun shined, the cheerful girl in a dress came out her door.

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New owner takes on task of fixing up Foxmoor Shopping Center

Progress might be hard to see today, but the new owners of Foxmoor Shopping Center say the gears have been set in motion to make it a whole new plaza by this time next year.