Thursday, August 6, 2020

Mercer law enforcement agencies plan “community engagement sessions”

The members of the Mercer County Police Chiefs Association have issued a joint statement addressing the killing of George Floyd. 

Schore: tale of a missing trike

Stealing candy from a baby took on new meaning.

Pia de Jong: In the meantime

The meantime is a phenomenon that has gradually disappeared from our lives.

Helen Kull: Remembering Richie Cole

When 72-year-old internationally known jazz saxophonist Richie Cole passed away on May 2 in Pittsburgh, tributes came pouring in online and in social media.

Robbinsville Superintendent Kathie Foster: an open letter of gratitude

Robbinsville is a place where neighbors support one another, celebrate one another’s successes and commit to the greater good.

Peter Dabbene: Contained, strained and entertained (with bonus soundtrack)

Social distancing restrictions have been in place for over two months now, and although there are always great new topics for discussion, like the disadvantages of sneezing inside a...

Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried: the anatomy of a tough decision

Robbinsville and Hamilton, which has not raised its rates since 2008, still have two of the lowest sewer rates in all of Mercer County.

Letter: ‘Hope is in Hamilton’ now and in the future

Hope is in Hamilton is a campaign launched May 1 on the RWJUH Hamilton and the Shop Hamilton business’ social media pages with uplifting and inspirational messages of hope paired with the hashtag #HopeIsInHamilton

Commentary: Isolation could be deadly for those in substance-abuse recovery

For addicts and alcoholics, meetings can be a lifeline. In other words, the current state of isolation for people like me could be deadly.

Robin Schore: What to do during the apocalypse

Time to make some choices. Do you crave: entertainment, self-improvement, or doing what needs to be done?

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Cameron Ward

Missing West Windsor man found alive after massive search (updated)

A West Windsor man who had been missing since the evening of Wednesday, July 22 was found alive after a "massive" search of Community Park.