Thursday, June 4, 2020

Mayor Dave Fried: Navigating uncertainty

As we navigate through these unprecedented and unpredictable times, Robbinsville Township is doing everything possible to anticipate and meet the needs of our residents. Furthermore, we have a wealth of volunteers at the ready to help

The things we cannot see

As I write this reflection, we are in the midst of the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak throughout our state, our nation, and the world. This unprecedented pandemic has caused an even greater increase in anxiety and fear to an already frenetic and stressed-out society. The pandemic has led me to ponder the things in our lives that impact us deeply yet cannot be seen

Dabbene: The story of a guy with a sign on Route 29

For years, I’ve wondered about the people who stand on the concrete islands on Route 29, waiting for red lights to shuffle out among the cars.

Helen Kull: Focusing on the “now”

This column, “Ewing Then and Now,” most often focuses on things “then.” However, this month it is focused on the “now.”

How Bordentown got its name

As the 17th century drew to a close, the sparse number of Quaker settlers residing in Farnworth’s Landing continued to make the most out of their peaceful and humbled existence

Kevin Nerwinski: Brunswick Pike Streetscape has been 15 years in the making

In checking the records in our engineering department, the earliest documentation we found about the township’s efforts to improve the streetscape along Brunswick Pike date to 2005.

Thomas Kelly: 9 questions with Katelyn Liepins

Katelyn Liepins’s work is mesmerizing. Her work is linear, angular and based on geometric drawings. She uses tape to define, highlight and transform space into something new. The installation pieces force you to look and follow the path.

Ilene Black: Daddy’s little girl

This month my Dad will turn 94. Up until 3 years ago, he was walking a mile and doing 200 sit-ups every day. Not at the same time, of course.

Schore to Please: Burrowing through the Hopewell Borough

We have been asked to babysit two children. What are we supposed to do with these rascals when they visit us in Hopewell Borough?

Anthes: Community News is here for you through these ‘dog days of spring’

A lot has changed, but one thing hasn’t: the staff at Community News Service is still committed to providing accurate, timely news to our community.

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Three Mercer County towns lift curfew restrictions

Ewing, Lawrence and Hamilton townships have lifted curfew restrictions that have been in effect the last two nights.