Saturday, February 27, 2021

Ewing Then and Now: Tracking Ewing’s historic markers

By Helen Kull This year marks the 350th anniversary of the “creation” of New Jersey — that is, the claiming of the land between the Delaware and Hudson rivers for...

Looking Back: Take the Train to the Shore

Except for those who used the Dinky from Princeton, there were very few commuters who boarded the New York or Philadelphia trains at Princeton Junction in the 1950s to...

College Is Out And There’s No Place Like Home

We brought Molly home from college, and like bread crumbs marking a trail, the signs of her arrival are scattered in plain sight around the house: her guitar sprawled...

Betting on Black: How do you spell frustration? T-E-C-H-N-O-L-O-G-Y!

Does anyone else get frustrated by automated phone menus? You know, when you call a business and you hear, “You have reached ‘The Worst Business in the World’. Please...

The Student Debt Crisis

‘Borrowing from Peter to Paul is a phrase that has taken on a whole new meaning for me, now that I am actually living it,” said a friend of...

Minutes From Somewhere Else: You don’t prepare for a Syracuse winter, you merely survive it

Trenton Catholic Academy basketball star Malachi Richardson has six inches, gobs of athletic ability and one cool hairdo more than me, but he and I have something in common.At...

How can Ewing go about getting a unified ZIP code?

In every edition of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers readers’ questions.Why do we have to share our 08638 ZIP code with Trenton and not have our own...

Buzzwords for the new millennium

Ilene Black's May 2016 column.

Parting Shot: The Trump 10

Thanks to Trump-induced stress alone, many Americans have bumped up several clothing sizes in the past six months.

Joelle DeAngelo: Amid pandemic, athletes focus on what we can control

There’s still so much uncertainty but there are just as many solutions we haven’t figured out yet.

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The COVID-19 vaccine is here. What does it take to get one?

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