Monday, July 22, 2019

Nature in the Valley: Come Outside and Play a valuable tradition in Hopewell Valley

Enjoying nature is central to human development. Yet in the last few decades, fewer individuals are getting outside, and that is a shame

Amazon’s Alexa: virtual assistant or cyber spy

Recently, a report came out stating that Alexa, the voice-controlled device, is listening to private conversations in homes.

Can anything be done about the proliferation of rentals from The College of New Jersey...

Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann answers questions posed by readers or members of the Ewing Observer’s staff

Robbinsville Mayor’s Column: preparing for our biggest month of recreation

Our biggest month of recreation is on tap in the coming days, highlighted by the Robbinsville Township Community Day Festival June 8 at Community Park.

From the Robbinsville Schools: Perfecting that tough job called parenting

Parenting is one tough job. As many of us have learned, the old adage that there are no rulebooks or recipes for successfully raising kids is true.

Parting Shot: Going Home

I don’t have to get ready to visit my mother. She never likes it when I put anything on my face.

Betting on Black: Ancient curling iron causes quite the (hair) tangle

Recently I greeted my husband at the door with a curling iron hanging from my hair and tears in my eyes. Now THAT’S some seductive stuff.

Next Stop on Shabakunk Road: Vernam’s Dairy Farm

The Crozer/Vernam Dairy Farm stretches across both sides of the road down to the intersection at “Bull’s Alley” (today’s Green Lane)

Robbinsville Mayor’s Column: The benefits of paying it forward

Annual Pay it Forward event raised more than $60,000 for Mercer Street Friends of Ewing and its “Send Hunger Packing” program

From the Robbinsville Schools: Educators learn to see possibilities

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a magical and timeless tale about logic, word play and growing up. And in Alice’s words, “a moral if you can find it.”