Friday, January 18, 2019

Fried: Thanks for another great year

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Diwali, my sincere hope is that you have a peaceful and safe holiday with your family and friends.

Lamenting the loss of a long-time family friend

Saying good-bye is not an easy thing to do. But saying good-bye to people who have taken excellent care of you and your family for over 30 years is a nearly impossible task.

Talking turkey (with Dieter P. Bieny)

Some years ago, looking for quick, easy, cheap entertainment, I began responding to spam e-mails, using an alter ego named Dieter P. Bieny.

Letter to the Princeton Echo: Let them ride buses

I am always amazed at the number of parents driving their children to school when the school district furnishes buses for everyone.

Letter to the Princeton Echo: For ‘common ground’

Concerning the December 11 referendum, some possibly “overzealous” persons have said that people like myself, who were against the original bloated, ill conceived $137 million referendum, were “against our...

To the editor: School referendum: Con

We said we’d change the school board, and we did. In the most heated school board contest in living memory, we elected Daniel Dart, an outright critic of poorly...

To the editor: School referendum: Pro

On Tuesday, December 11, Princeton voters will be asked to approve a $26.9 million referendum to fund critical updates at all six schools. I urge voters to say yes....

If you’re up, get me a Camel

Americans like to say that behind every great fortune is a great crime. But that is hard for me to imagine as I walk through the bucolic Duke Farms on this sunny autumn day.

Letter: a note of thanks from the Hopewell Business Association

After nearly 50 years of advocating for and community among businesses within Hopewell Borough, the Hopewell Business Association is ceasing operations.

Letters: Robbinsville residents endorse candidates

Robbinsville residents write in to tell us who they're endorsing for the Board of Election Nov. 6 election

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New owner takes on task of fixing up Foxmoor Shopping Center

Progress might be hard to see today, but the new owners of Foxmoor Shopping Center say the gears have been set in motion to make it a whole new plaza by this time next year.