Tuesday, May 21, 2019

When being uncool and out of touch sets you free

I’ve recently concluded that I am not cool anymore. Not hip, not “with it,” not rad (my use of those words should be your first clue).

Tasting the best beer in the world—and the worst

The monks only make and sell enough to support themselves, refusing to increase production to satisfy demand. As their beer’s reputation has spread, it’s become harder and harder to get it.

Doing our civil duty

As citizens of this great country, we understand that we have a responsibility to thoughtfully and actively participate in our democracy as we work to uphold the values and principles it purports to represent. This is our civic duty.

Fried: Township stands on cutting edge of local governing

In Robbinsville, we have never been afraid of big, scary goals.

Nesting boxes could help threatened kestrels rebound

The population of North America’s smallest falcon, the American kestrel, is declining in the Northeast, with the bird added to New Jersey’s list of threatened species in 2012.

Traveling back to rural Ewingville

Fortunately for us, in our continuing visit to the Ewingville of days long gone, there are some helpful descriptions and resources.

Letter: Hopewell’s political parties united in fight against pipeline

Ever since PennEast proposed their plan for this unneeded pipeline, all local Republicans and Democrats, both as candidates and on the every Hopewell Township Committee, have unanimously, consistently and strongly opposed the PennEast Pipeline.

Letters for leaders

In America you spend a lot of time crafting recommendation letters. Teachers write for all their students, but parents, friends, alumni, and colleagues are also summoned to duty. It is part of the culture.

Celebrating women

March is Women’s History Month, so I find it fitting that I just finished reading Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World, a graphic novel-style biographical book about 29 different women throughout history who influenced the author and illustrator, Penelope Bagieu.

Divesting: Just throw it out!

Recently I found a turntable in my attic. It was new in 1984, but hadn’t been used since 1988, when my amplifier began producing a penetrating buzz like that accompanying those radio disaster warnings: “This is a test of the emergency broadcast system!”

Most Read

Ewing 18-year-old starts his own clothing line called BALK

At just 18 years old, Ewing resident and rap artist Shaheed Waddy started his own clothing line called BALK.