Thursday, November 15, 2018

Sciarrotta: After an injury, stay off the field

Hamilton Post columnist Samantha Sciarrotta argues that sports are not worth your body, or your brain, or your life, or your future. Especially for young athletes.

Ewing Then and Now: A showplace in Ewingville

We continue with the “Destination: Ewingville” series as we consider yet another “hot spot” in Ewingville: The Hillwood Inn.

Black: Youth sports are good for adults as well as kids

Most of our sons’ childhoods were spent on an athletic field in Ewing. From ages 5 to 18, Georgie and Donnie (and me and George) lived on one field or another.

Letter: Blake makes case for another term

"We all know how important it is to vote on Nov. 6. We know how important it is to elect leaders who listen and lead."

Letter: the hijacking of school-entitled revenue

Did you hear the one about the deputy mayor who denied taking much-needed funding from the schools, even though she previously voted to shift school-entitled revenue from our schools to the township?

Foster: The brave new world of education

This year we continue to focus on ways teachers can integrate these skills into their classroom practice.

Schore to Please: Feeling drafty

With Veterans Day only a month away, perhaps it is time to consider reviving the Draft.

Wolff: What makes a great teacher?

Nick Johnson, Central High School chemistry teacher, was chosen from among all county public school winners as the Mercer County Teacher of the Year.

Fried: Honoring Tomm May Oct. 6

On Saturday, Oct. 6, the 25th Annual Tomm May 5-Mile and Kids’ Fun Run will be held at Tantum. Registration begins at 8:30.

Should we get rid of Columbus Day?

Christopher Columbus exists in a kind of cultural limbo—hero to some, villain to others.