Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Politics is not a spectator sport

Hamilton Post columnist Samantha Sciarrotta discusses readers sending her hate mail and why politics is not a spectator sport.

Letter: Fire story, Kenny get facts wrong

Mark Antozzeski, chief of Hamilton Township Fire District No. 9, updates township residents with additional information about fire consolidation.

Episode 100: The Clip Show

This is my 100th column for The Hamilton Post, and I thought I’d do something special—or at least different—for it.

Fried: Go red this month in Robbinsville

February is “Heart Month,” making it the perfect time to learn about your risk for heart disease and the steps you should take to live a longer, healthier life.

Ewing Then and Now: Celebrating the builders

This month we’ll consider a “Now” current happening in Ewingville, rather than a “Then” event or location in Ewingville from a century or more ago!

Beauty is more than skin deep

As Ewing Observer columnist Ilene Black prepared for her son's wedding, she learned a few lessons about makeup, beauty, and under-eye circles.

Election in the dark age

My phone banking training began at the 2016 Hillary headquarters in Princeton. I was encouraged to be polite and engage people in discussion of major issues. Mostly, it was an exercise in self-restraint and not taking anything personally.

Foster: To boldly go

"For 2019, I wish you a bold and fearless new year. Live long and prosper."

Stoneking: Decline to Decline

In his first column, Ewing native and physical therapist Richard Stoneking encourages readers to be more positive about aging.

Ewing Then and Now: Looking back and looking ahead

Think you know your local history? Take Helen Kull's quiz to test your knowledge of Ewing's history.

Most Read

Mercer County seeks input on new ‘water sports’ park

The Mercer County Park Commission’s purchase of a small plot of land on Hughes Drive in Hamilton in 2017 opened up a world of possibilities for the commission and—by extension—county residents.