Thursday, July 19, 2018

Saluting Thomas Smith, Mercer County Superintendent of the Year

Our Hopewell Valley community and Board of Education collectively beamed with pride when Superintendent Thomas Smith was named Mercer County Superintendent of the Year by the Administrators Association.

Letter to the editor: mending fences through Better Angels

Better Angels began in 2016 as a bipartisan citizens’ movement that seeks to “[build] new ways to talk to one another, participate together in public life, and influence the direction of the nation.”

Letters to the editor: what are people saying around Princeton?

From bike lanes to honoring Jim Floyd, Princeton residents weigh in on a variety of issues facing their town in this month's Princeton Echo.

Letters to the editor: readers weigh in on Chris Smith

Hamilton Post readers weigh in on Rep. Chris Smith.

Sloan and the love of loving things

I want to apologize to, uh, pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to recently, for I have spent the last few years spreading the gospel of Sloan.

The (nearly) immortal moon jellyfish

For Christmas my daughter requested, and received from Santa, a somewhat unusual gift: a jellyfish tank, along with three moon jellyfish.

Finding Shangri-La in the American Southwest

While in Sedona, the only kind of energy I felt was the kind when you have one too many prickly pear margaritas (one) the night before. But I did understand the Shangri-La notion.

Betting on Black: the grillmaster reigns supreme

Here’s what’s not awesome about gas grills. Assembling one. Not awesome. In fact, so far from awesome there needs to be a new word invented to describe it.

Ewing Then and Now: now entering Ewingville

Ewingville is the area that surrounds the intersection of Pennington Road with Ewingville Road and Upper Ferry Road, and extending outward in all directions a small distance from that intersection.

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to your health

I, like too many Americans, allow procrastination to get the better of me in terms of safeguarding what is truly one of our most prized possessions—our health.

Most Read

Acme set to close in Lawrence Shopping Center

The Lawrence Shopping Center will lose a major tenant next month when the Acme grocery store closes its doors in late August.