Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Waxing Nostalgic

I have often been accused of being overly sentimental, and I won’t deny it, but it was a very sad day for me last week when the workers came...

In South Korea, It Could Have Been Me

Just when I thought there could be no event more horrible and heart-wrenching than the missing Malaysian airliner, the mystery of what happened to the 239 people on board,...

‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’

About a quarter century ago, when I was a writer at the NBC affiliate in San Francisco, one of my duties was to produce the “year-ender” — the compilation...

Peter Dabbene: Contained, strained and entertained (with bonus soundtrack)

Social distancing restrictions have been in place for over two months now, and although there are always great new topics for discussion, like the disadvantages of sneezing inside a...

No Senior Discount — Yet

I am a huge believer in karma. The moment I even think about stepping out of line, something bites me to remind me that in life what goes around...

Pia de Jong: Call me by my deepest name

Brain research shows that when we hear our own name, the part of our brain that is responsible for our sense of self lights up. We are our name.

Raising Teenage Boys

The knock came just about an hour after our arrival. “Room service,” announced the cheerful voice. I didn’t order anything, I wondered, just as Will popped up, “that’s mine,...

Robbinsville Mayor’s Column: Giving thanks around the holidays

December is a time of great thanks, appreciation and celebration.

Thomas Kelly: 9 questions with Katelyn Liepins

Katelyn Liepins’s work is mesmerizing. Her work is linear, angular and based on geometric drawings. She uses tape to define, highlight and transform space into something new. The installation pieces force you to look and follow the path.

Kathie Foster: Livin’ in a perfect world

I am sure many of you know someone who demands perfection not only in themselves but in those around them.

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