Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Betting on Black: the grillmaster reigns supreme

Here’s what’s not awesome about gas grills. Assembling one. Not awesome. In fact, so far from awesome there needs to be a new word invented to describe it.

Minutes From Somewhere Else: How to close the Grand Canyon, and other lessons from an...

There is an advertisement on television for some prescription drug that features a fit, silver-haired couple doing outdoorsy things.There are scenes of them turning off their car’s navigation system,...

It’s a Dangerous World For Our Kids

Just after Christmas in 1985, terrorists struck the airports in Rome and Vienna, killing 19 people and injuring almost 150. The targets were El Al, the airline of Israel,...

From the Robbinsville Schools: A close reading of the Common Core

By Steve MayerI keep the Common Core app on my phone for a reason.Unfortunately, the topics of over-testing kids, governmental “curriculum” mandates and Common Core have become tied together...

Election in the dark age

My phone banking training began at the 2016 Hillary headquarters in Princeton. I was encouraged to be polite and engage people in discussion of major issues. Mostly, it was an exercise in self-restraint and not taking anything personally.

The school district—like me—sits wobbling on the edge of a hole

Sometimes—like at a recent school board meeting—covering your hometown hits a little too close to home.

Ask the Doctor: Flu prevention in 3 steps

Concerned about your health? Experts from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton are ready to answer readers’ questions. Send your questions to Q. What can I do to prevent...

The joy of a holiday routine

Pretty much as soon as summer ends, I have Christmas tunnel vision. My September to December routine has been perfected over the years.

Gardening Adventures: Pennsylvania Horticulture Society’s Gold Medal Winners

I had the opportunity to go to the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society’s flower show held in Philadelphia last month. As always, the program highlights some outstanding plants that are available...

Another Birthday, Another Life Chapter Around the Corner

Next month I will celebrate a birthday that puts me on the downhill side towards a huge milestone, one that would have been defined as one entire life cycle...

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