Monday, February 19, 2018

Suburban Teen: Dr. Ken and the Meaning of Patriotism

This past Sunday we celebrated our nation’s 234th birthday with fireworks, barbecue, and apple pie on a holiday that reminds us that we live in the greatest country in...

10 ****ing years later: my role in Syracuse basketball’s most ‘overrated’ scandal

Ten years later, some Syracuse fans are still hopping mad that anyone could think basketball star Gerry McNamara was overrated. Writer Rob Anthes reflects on the role he played in the "overrated" scandal.

Foster: the power of yes and no

Two of the most important words that we teach our toddlers and young children are the words “yes” and “no.”

Find solutions for noise pollution

By Dana LichtstrahlOur agreements are something we humans look to, to “depend on.”So as a Princeton resident who lives off Nassau Street, I was wondering if this spring we...

Grovers Mill gets a face lift

After having lived within a few hundred yards of the Grovers Mill building for nearly 60 years, I feel a certain personal attachment to the place.

Don’t overlook BOE election

By Dave FriedComprising the largest body of elected officials in the United States, school board members are trusted to set the policies of our public elementary, middle and high...

Lions in West Windsor

What do the Lions do? When I mention “lions” this way, I’m not talking about the animals we see in the zoo or on the wild plains in parts...

Is the circus still the greatest show on Earth?

My family and I recently attended one of the final performances of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and to say it was more thought-provoking than a typical circus experience would be an understatement.

Princeton Merchants Association: A lot to see and do in Princeton

By Mimi OmiecinskiSeeing the world has always been important to me. And I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of it with my husband. So you can believe...

Language Snafu

I consider myself fairly in tune with the times and my children, especially when it comes to language, but a recent incident has proven me wrong. We were in...

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State, local officials go to war with embattled Trenton Water Works

The water flowing out of the taps of Trenton Water Works’ customers is safe to drink. But, with repeated operational issues eroding trust in the quality of water, scores of local and state officials are working to ensure it stays that way.