Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How to grow with your children

By Steve MayerThere is an old study out of Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse-Columbia suggesting that teens who eat dinner regularly with their parents are much less at...

Parting Shot: Song of the open road

Our daughter celebrated her seventeen birthday this year by getting her driving license. This was not left to chance.

Complex Simplicity: There’s bronze in them thar crayons

A few years ago, I dug out the Raggedy Ann and Andy crayon box that contained my childhood crayons, or what was left of them.Going through the box, I...

Navigating the Schedule Minefield

When the kids were younger and life was simpler, I had a Sandra Boynton Mom’s datebook. There were clever cartoons on every other page, and there were fun, colorful...

Betting on Black: smart homes and lazy residents

I don’t care how many days a week you go to the gym, or how many miles you walk/run every week, or how many stairs you choose to take, or how many weights you lift. We are all lazy.

From the Robbinsville Schools: How to create a school budget

By Steve Mayer When I started in Robbinsville nearly five years ago, the district’s spending was just about $3 million below what the state deemed necessary to deliver a thorough...

From the Robbinsville Schools: 2013 about successful Robbinsville schools

By Steve Mayer With the Dec. 11 passage of the facilities referendum, our school district was able to celebrate the holiday season a few days early. I am deeply appreciative that...

Making this time of year safe for teens

For Hopewell Valley teens, prom and graduation season is here.

Managing Juvenile Diabetes

Living with a chronic disease is challenging enough for anyone, but even more so when you are an active 12-year-old boy. Five years after his diagnosis, however, Jake Fine...

Complex Simplicity: The worst children’s books ever

Every year thousands of children’s books are published. Typically, there’s enough competition and enough editorial involvement to ensure that if a children’s book is issued by a major publisher,...

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Acme set to close in Lawrence Shopping Center

The Lawrence Shopping Center will lose a major tenant next month when the Acme grocery store closes its doors in late August.