Friday, January 18, 2019

The Perils of Multi-Tasking

As a mother of three whose children have a combined age of 46, I’ve generally mastered the art of multitasking, though it can backfire. And when it does, it...

From the Lawrence School Board: Fitness track, solar panels among LTPS improvements

By Jo Ann Groeger Over the past few years, you, the community spoke, and we listened! Consequently, the Board of Education provided funds to phase in facility-related improvements within the...

Sciarrotta: After an injury, stay off the field

Hamilton Post columnist Samantha Sciarrotta argues that sports are not worth your body, or your brain, or your life, or your future. Especially for young athletes.

Gardening Adventures: Carex, the other groundcover

Several weeks ago, I attended a plant seminar that highlighted new and underused plants available to the landscape industry. One plant genus I have used, which has many outstanding...

The fine American tradition of ‘get over it’

The purpose of the Women’s March was to raise awareness for women’s and civil rights causes, but the events certainly had a tone fueled by opposition to President Donald Trump.

How much tax revenue will the town get from Campus Town?

In every edition of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers readers’ questions.With these new stores opening on the College of New Jersey grounds, will Ewing get any tax...

As American as apple pie

Pia de Jong is a Dutch writer who moved to Princeton in 2012.

An overview of Ewing’s final resting places

Learn about the prominent and noteworthy people who rest in the Ewing Church Cemetery with Helen Kull on Sunday, Oct. 8.

Robbinsville Mayor’s Column: Retooled ‘Keep It Local’ launches

By Dave Fried Although it has taken some time for the technology to catch up with the vision, our retooled Keep it Local Robbinsville campaign is re-launching with the addition...

Minutes from Somewhere Else: ‘Office jetsetter’ survives volcano, cramped flight home

I recently returned from vacation, during which I somehow earned the reputation as the “office jetsetter.” As someone who has a 99-percent empty passport, I found this distinction amusing and—mostly—puzzling. In...

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New owner takes on task of fixing up Foxmoor Shopping Center

Progress might be hard to see today, but the new owners of Foxmoor Shopping Center say the gears have been set in motion to make it a whole new plaza by this time next year.