Friday, May 25, 2018

Goodbye Geoffrey: farewell from a Toys ‘R’ Us kid

I had come to Toys ‘R’ Us to say goodbye. In mid-March, Toys ‘R’ Us announced it would shut or sell all of its stores in the United States.

From Robbinsville schools: fighting for our fair share

The Robbinsville Board of Education and a small army of citizens have once again banded together in solidarity to continue the fight for our fair share of state aid.

KFC (Korean fried chicken) comes to Princeton

It took much longer than it should have, but Princeton finally has joined the wildly (and justifiably) popular Korean fried chicken craze.

Bear Tavern principal shares inclusive approach to green initiatives

several principals are initiating projects that engage local businesses, nonprofits and community members. Bear Tavern Principal Chris Turnbull explains further in this month's column.

Snedeker: A look back at the past four years

A little over four years ago, the first of my Looking Back columns was published in the West Windsor and Plainsboro News in June of 2013.

Exploring the potential restoration of Gropp’s Lake

Whether or not it makes sense to restore Gropp Lake, we should always make an effort to understand what came before—and what’s been left behind.

Princeton Echo readers sound off on school funding

Princeton Echo readers share their thoughts on school funding.

The gospel of wealth from Scotsman Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie Hall, the Carnegie Corporation, the Carnegie Hero Fund, the Peace Palace in The Hague, Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie libraries, and I can go on and on. Andrew Carnegie left his mark everywhere. Even in Princeton, where he left Lake Carnegie for the crew team.

The adventures of playing Pokemon Go in Hamilton Township

I left a Rattata at the Hamilton train station, where it could torment weary commuters.

Fried: an update on the state of our township

The 2018 State of Robbinsville Township Pay it Forward event is almost here.

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