Monday, April 19, 2021

Fight in the Museum: 13 questions with artist Mary Yess

Mary Yess has a long and distinguished list of arts leadership and accomplishments in the Mercer County area

Pandemic reveals to all the plight of the hearing impaired

During this Covid epidemic, a lot of us are experiencing what it’s like to be someone who is hearing impaired

At the tip of the spear in the fight against COVID-19

I am certain that since last March all of us have been challenged in some way by the world health pandemic known as COVIS-19.

Ilene Black: A mother and her sons

I mean no disrespect to moms with girls. That’s a whole other article, for which I am not qualified to write. I’d be interested to hear the stories, though.

Kevin Nerwinski: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

We can now fight this virus with more than just social distancing, mask-wearing and keeping our hands clean and away from our faces.

Doing our civil duty

As citizens of this great country, we understand that we have a responsibility to thoughtfully and actively participate in our democracy as we work to uphold the values and principles it purports to represent. This is our civic duty.

The things we cannot see

As I write this reflection, we are in the midst of the rapid spread of the coronavirus outbreak throughout our state, our nation, and the world. This unprecedented pandemic has caused an even greater increase in anxiety and fear to an already frenetic and stressed-out society. The pandemic has led me to ponder the things in our lives that impact us deeply yet cannot be seen

Inaugural Hopewell Valley Green Week to kick off on April 17

This year the Hopewell Valley school district seeks to unite the entire community around common goals of environmental justice and sustainability

Pia de Jong: Click here, Alice

Twitter offers a dizzying race for attention from a gazillion opinions

10 questions with artist Joseph Gyurcsak

Joseph Gyurcsak is no Sunday Painter. He is an expert in materials, technique, color and composition.

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Alejandro Hernandez: From Hamilton to Hollywood

Long-time Hamilton resident Alejandro Hernandez has spent the past three years as a regular recurring cast member on the medical drama “New Amsterdam”