Monday, July 22, 2019

Ewing Then and Now: The first school for the deaf in N.J.

The “stone house on the hill” from last month’s column sits on the campus of the Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf — another institution worthy of consideration.

Nature in the Valley: Nesting boxes a boon for threatened kestrels

Six boxes have already been occupied

Vernam’s Dairy Farm, part two

This month we continue the story of Vernam's dairy farm.

What my week as a Metcalf Institute Fellow means for our readers

Assistant managing editor Rob Anthes spent the first week of June at Metcalf Institute’s Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists, one of 10 Metcalf Fellows selected from hundreds of applicants from around the world.

Parting Shot: Learning traditions

The rituals surrounding the prom are mysterious and puzzling to my eyes

Schore to Please: Talking dirt

My Titusville garden had glorious, loamy soil so fecund that by midsummer, I’d need a machete to get out the front door. Then I moved to Hopewell Borough

Can anything be done about the proliferation of rentals from The College of New Jersey...

Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann answers questions posed by readers or members of the Ewing Observer’s staff

In the Game of Cones, you win or you die of sleep deprivation

Hamilton Post columnist Sam Sciarrotta and her friends created a real-life version of Cones of Dunshinre, a tabletop game from "Parks and Recreation." What was it like to play a fictional game?

Shortstop Haley Allen an important part of Ewing High softball lineup

Even though Haley Allen has plenty of games ahead of her in college, she wanted to ensure that her Ewing High School softball career ended on a high note.

Complex Simplicity: DNA kits, the perfect encapsulation of the 21st century

My motivation was partly curiosity, partly the knowledge that we’d be helping expand the understanding of genetics, and partly that I’d get a cool DVD.