Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Ewing Then and Now: Historic preservation here and beyond

The Ewing Historic Preservation Commission helps to interpret portions the state’s Municipal Land Use Law, along with the Ewing Planning Board

Letter: What not to do with the Hopewell Valley Golf Club

Ideas about taking over HVGC and converting it into a senior center/community center for little or no cost were aired.

Nature in the Valley: Giving and consideration in Hopewell

Lisa Wolff shares gratitude for the good nature of the Hopewell Valley.

Pia de Jong: The sounds of God at the airport

People literally walk over him, but every morning he gets up realizing that at least God loves him

Schore to Please: Where are they now?

Reunions are held primarily so that you can find out how much better you have aged than the contemporaries of your youth.

If you’re up, get me a Camel

Americans like to say that behind every great fortune is a great crime. But that is hard for me to imagine as I walk through the bucolic Duke Farms on this sunny autumn day.

Peter Dabbene: Springing ahead (by not falling back)

The history of Daylight Saving Time, or DST, is marked with hiccups.

In the Game of Cones, you win or you die of sleep deprivation

Hamilton Post columnist Sam Sciarrotta and her friends created a real-life version of Cones of Dunshinre, a tabletop game from "Parks and Recreation." What was it like to play a fictional game?

Pia de Jong: The sweet sorrows of autumn

Saying goodbye is hard to do. Everything that was once familiar — suddenly there will be no more. How on earth can you prepare for that?

Robbinsville Mayor’s Column: Where your tax dollars go

Questions about where tax dollars actually go and how taxes are broken down on someone’s quarterly bill are fairly common.

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Steinert student’s presentations put face to the word ‘autism’

Early on after his son's autism diagnosis, Andrew Sinkleris couldn’t help to ask “why us.” Now, he feels like he has the answer.