Friday, September 21, 2018

Something’s got to give: Police versus minorities

The present mental disposition of police is an urgent health problem that requires immediate attention, starting with the implementation of reasonable rights.

Not shy about retiring

Continuing the theme of creeping decrepitude: How do you know when it’s time to retire?

Being A Student Again

I love the recent story about the 94-year-old great-grandmother leading four generations of her family in jumping out of an airplane over central Florida — seems sky-diving is a...

Letter: The most horrible sound

The most horrible sound in the world is that of the first shovelful of dirt hitting your friend’s coffin. The most painful act is shovelling dirt on the coffin...

From the HoVal School Board: Celebrating second chances

On Aug. 13, Sustainable Jersey for Schools awarded Bear Tavern, Hopewell Elementary, Timberlane, and Central High School with Bronze Level certification.

From Spartan to Cavalier: J.R. Smith’s journey to an NBA title

J.R. Smith has gained a reputation during his 12-year NBA career as someone who lives whim-to-whim—and it has made him something of a curiosity in the sporting world.

Lawrence Mayor: township concerned about Trenton Water Works

"I would like to assure you that I, along with my fellow council members, am deeply concerned about the ongoing events involving Trenton Water Works."

Foster: the power of yes and no

Two of the most important words that we teach our toddlers and young children are the words “yes” and “no.”

Grover Mill Pond, Six Years After Restoration

It was just six years ago this month that the newly restored Grovers Mill Pond was reopened for public use. The lengthy restoration process had begun in 2004 with...

Ewing Then and Now: Driving around Ewingville

Over a century ago, Ewingville was quite the destination, for locals and folks from greater Trenton and beyond. The attraction? The Ewingville Driving Park.