Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Letter: Liam Gonzales brings fresh perspective to Hamilton school board

A fresh perspective from a member like Liam Gonzales is exactly what is needed on the Hamilton Board of Education.

Kiovsky: The American Revolution and the arena of war

In the summer of 1777, British General Sir William Howe set into motion an ambitious plan to strike at the heart of American democracy.

Thomas Kelly: 11 questions with Gala Derroisne

Gala Derroisne is a photographer who shoots candid street photography and nature, without using Photoshop.

Peter Dabbene: The tyranny of truthiness

Whoever wins on Election Day, let’s hope it marks the beginning of a new, more open and honest age of political debate.

Letter: Thanks to Lawrence Township, Colonial Lake Park will continue to be salve for the...

The setting brings an incalculable benefit to the people of Lawrence Township as a sanctuary that the park now will continue to be.

Kevin Nerwinski: Clarification on charges against Lawrence Police officer

Remaining silent about the matter of charges against a Lawrence Police officer is not an option if I am to have any credibility with you.

Schore: Dullards Unamimous

Have you noticed what a dullard you’ve become after five months of quarantine-induced isolation and no interaction with anyone but your immediate family?

Kiovsky: the American Revolution and the struggle for freedom

The hostile acts that would transpire later would shake its citizens to their core but as with the ashes of destruction, they would rise above it.

Helen Kull: Marking places and People

In some ways, I prefer the concept of “a living memorial” to memorialize a person or event. While the stone markers listed above have firmly, quietly and steadfastly marked a location, event or memorialized a person, many also often sit unnoticed for years

Ilene Black: Throwing in the towel

George and I had a brief discussion on the placement of the towel ring. He wanted it right next to the sink and I wanted it on another wall. I won that debate, but it was a hollow victory

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Hamilton High West student tests positive for COVID-19

A student at Hamilton High School West has tested positive for COVID-19. Close contacts have been notified by the Hamilton school district.