Saturday, February 17, 2018

Betting on Black: smart homes and lazy residents

I don’t care how many days a week you go to the gym, or how many miles you walk/run every week, or how many stairs you choose to take, or how many weights you lift. We are all lazy.

Foster: In praise of the Robbinsville school board

Every year, the New Jersey School Boards Association identifies January as School Board Recognition Month. Superintendent of schools Kathie Foster thanks the Robbinsville school board in her column.

What’s a four-letter word for ‘crossword stress’?

My New York Times crossword puzzle is the last thing I think about before bed, and the first thing I think about when I wake up.

Princeton Merchants Association: retail no longer merely what’s sold at counter

Retail is no longer merely what’s sold at the counter. As a matter of fact, in some brick-and-mortar shops, there is no counter.

Memories of Valentine’s Days and darlings past

When I was a boy, Valentine’s Day was a popular time of year. Around the 10th of February, we would start to think about buying valentines. They cost all of a penny.

Lawrence Mayor: township concerned about Trenton Water Works

"I would like to assure you that I, along with my fellow council members, am deeply concerned about the ongoing events involving Trenton Water Works."

Princeton Echo Parting Shot: all the glittering prizes

In America, sports are the religion of the masses. Our Dutch national team would struggle to keep up with these boys and girls who have to train endlessly at the most impossible times.

Suburban Millennial: reconciling the past with the present

There are two institutions in particular in our community that have remained seemingly—thankfully—unchanged over the years.

State of the City: Trenton Water Works drowning in bad news

The city seems to be drowning in bad news about the Trenton Water Works. And while Trenton citizens, elected officials in the communities relying on the TWW, state legislators, and state officials are lining up with a list of complaints.

Letter to the Princeton Echo editor: Better than buttons

"Although I agree that the 'new, improved' traffic and crosswalk signals at the intersection of Washington Road and Nassau Street are causing problems, I disagree with your solution."

Most Read

State, local officials go to war with embattled Trenton Water Works

The water flowing out of the taps of Trenton Water Works’ customers is safe to drink. But, with repeated operational issues eroding trust in the quality of water, scores of local and state officials are working to ensure it stays that way.