Thursday, June 4, 2020

Letter: ‘Hope is in Hamilton’ now and in the future

Hope is in Hamilton is a campaign launched May 1 on the RWJUH Hamilton and the Shop Hamilton business’ social media pages with uplifting and inspirational messages of hope paired with the hashtag #HopeIsInHamilton

Commentary: Isolation could be deadly for those in substance-abuse recovery

For addicts and alcoholics, meetings can be a lifeline. In other words, the current state of isolation for people like me could be deadly.

Robin Schore: What to do during the apocalypse

Time to make some choices. Do you crave: entertainment, self-improvement, or doing what needs to be done?

Lisa Wolff: Let’s not return to normal

Like other special occasions occurring during this pandemic, Earth Day celebrated its 50th anniversary on April 22 amidst reduced gatherings and fanfare.

Kevin Nerwinski: Why are the municipal parks in Lawrence still open?

Gov. Phil Murphy’s order to close all state and county Parks forced us to consider what to do since his order did not apply to municipal parks.

Peter Dabbene: Life during the coronavirus

The coronavirus has gone viral. Sure, it was a virus all along, but now it dominates TV, the internet, our lives. It’s everywhere, affecting everything.

Schore: What to do during the apocalypse

Now, let’s get to work on fulfilling the cliché, "when you have a lemon, make lemonade." And we are dealing with one godawful lemon.

Ilene Black: Dreaming of the day

Warning: this was written during the quarantine. I’d love to think that things will be better when you all are reading this.

Interchange: Support charities that need you most

The inequitable manner in which our nation’s charities are funded will be exaggerated as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Between the Lines: Congress must support local news industry

America’s Newspapers and other organizations representing local news providers are asking Congress to take urgent action to ensure you don’t lose your vital sources of timely and trustworthy information.

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Three Mercer County towns lift curfew restrictions

Ewing, Lawrence and Hamilton townships have lifted curfew restrictions that have been in effect the last two nights.