Sunday, January 24, 2021

Yankees drop Thunder, move AA minor league team to Bridgewater

Somerset Patriots, formerly an independent minor league club, will take over as the Yankees' AA affiliate

Thomas Kelly: 11 questions with Larry Chestnut

Larry Chestnut is an oil painter who paints what he sees, with a tremendous eye and immediacy.

Tim McRae lends many a creative touch at WTF? in Ewing

McRae is an entrepreneur and he’s an actor. He’s a restaurateur and a rapper, a cook and a comedian. Through his consulting business, he advises business owners as well as musicians. He spoke last month in a discussion about men’s mental health

Danielia Cotton sings her truth

A Different War wasn’t necessarily the record Danielia Cotton set out to make, but it was the album she needed to make.

Dining low on the hog at the 1911 Smokehouse

Chef Reggie Hallett says having vegan and vegetarian items on the menu makes sense because it makes cents

Trenton City Museum and the courage to reopen

Trenton Museum Society president Joan Perkes seems to offer a slight smile beneath her mask as she says the word, “Stressful”

Kidder’s ‘Revolutionary Princeton’ explores the life of a place

Kidder’s witty blending of American figures such as Paul Revere with the day-to-day details of colonial Princeton engages and quickly reminds us of the region’s placement as both the crossroads for East Coast travel and the crossroads of the Revolution

Food for Thought: The Proof is in the pizza

It didn’t take long for a new pizza place to take the spot of Princeton Pi, which closed its 84 Nassau Street pizza and frozen yogurt eatery early in...

New chef restores old pride at The Perch at Peacock Inn

Owners Genesis Hospitality Group are hoping the new team can breathe fresh life into one of the area’s few remaining fine dining venues.

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Impractical Jokers’ James Murray talks about living in Princeton, his new novel “Don’t Move”

Murray's fourth book with Darren Wearmouth, "Don’t Move"—the tale of a West Virginia camping trip gone awry—will be released Tuesday, Oct. 20.