Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Upcoming musical production tells the story of American pioneers

The story of the American pioneers is told in "Pioneer Songs," Ewing resident Eric Houghton’s epic meditation on the courage of those who blazed the western frontier.

Robbinsville artist Alia Bensilman goes mind strolling in Trenton

The work of Tunisian-American artist Alia Bensliman integrates and contrasts the Eastern experiences of her native North Africa with the peculiarly American impressions of her married life in New Jersey.

Central New Jersey Ballet Theatre soaring to new heights

The Central New Jersey Ballet Theatre is proud to announce the opening of its new location at 221 Broad Street, Florence.

Trenton arts community opens up to Art All Day

Trenton’s annual Art All Day returns on November 3, with open artists’ studios, gallery exhibitions, tours of city art and architecture, and performances.

Trenton’s cultural soul on display at Trenton City Museum

The exhibition “Pushing 40” continues at the Trenton City Museum (TCM) through Saturday, November 10 with a related public program set for Sunday, November 4.

Yardley Players bring ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to Kelsey Theatre

The Yardley Players are bringing the beloved Disney musical Beauty and the Beast to Mercer County Community College’s Kelsey Theatre Nov. 2 to Nov. 11.

Innovative sculpture turned on after years in the dark

The November 3 Art All Day 2018 coordinators are highlighting a special event that will put the light on Trenton’s role as a cultural center — literally.

CMS student Catherine Jiang stars in YouTube movie

Catherine Jiang, 8th grade student at Community Middle School, played a leading role in a YouTube movie called "A Different Sun."

Fifth annual Art All Day turns Trenton into a fine arts gallery and more

Artworks Trenton’s fifth annual Art All Day city-wide arts celebration returns to the capital city on Saturday, November 12.

Does AMC Hamilton 24’s Dolby Cinema live up to the hype?

Right off the bat, the Dolby Cinema auditorium at AMC Hamilton 24 signals to guests that they’re not going to have typical movie-going experience. And it won’t let them forget.