The Hamilton Cultural and Performing Arts Commission has created the Grateful Arts Challenge for those in Hamilton who wish to display their artistic talents.

The Grateful Arts Challenge calls for different types of artists—drawers, sculptors and singers—to create a piece of artwork that displays their feelings of thankfulness during the holiday season and the start of 2021.

Commission chairperson Ellen Renee said the theme is timely due to the holiday season, but was actually hatched because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Since we can’t do things with music and arts in person, we wanted to include the community of 90,000 strong in Hamilton and get them involved in doing a project where their artwork or their clip of singing or their sculpting can be seen through Hamilton Township,” she said.

To participate in this challenge, create a piece of artwork of your choice, and then take a picture or video of your artwork. Upon completion, share the image or video by emailing commission board secretary Patti Krzywulak at All submissions are due before Jan. 18, 2021.

Submissions will be posted to the commission’s website. All submissions, as well as the original flyer for the challenge, will be displayed there.

The challenge serves as a way to reintroduce Hamilton residents to the commission. It was re-established last year after more than a decade of dormancy.

The Cultural and Performing Arts Commission has conference calls, open to the public, every second Monday of every month. During these calls, the public is open to ask questions. For more information, go online to