I have been following Gala Derroisne’s work for some time. She is a photographer who shoots candid street photography and nature. She shoots her world, constantly framing with her eyes and then with the camera. Gala does not use Photoshop and relies mostly on the light that is available. Her work is very colorful, has a lot of movement and is very beautiful. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

“Taylor” uses light and the environment to create an effect—photographer Gala Derroisne’s trademark style.

How did you get started with photography?

I came to the U.S. from Moscow in 1995. My first experience with photography was when my father gave me a camera as a little girl. It was a film camera 35mm and we developed film together. We had a dark room and we printed the photos together, this was my first experience. I began to take things seriously when I arrived in New York with a digital camera in tow.

Your photos seem to have one constant, brilliant color. Is that what draws you to a subject?

Actually no, I wouldn’t say that color attracts me. I love nature, and nature has bright colors, sometimes when I take pictures of people I prefer different tones. I do street photography. I may be drawn to colors but the images are never posed, they don’t usually even see me.

Briefly describe your process. Do you go out with a specific image you seek?

Most of the time—OK, all of the time—I have my camera with me. Sometimes I attend an event or find myself in a great spot, but really things happen naturally for me, I shoot the world around me. I will seek out things in nature at certain times, like when certain plants, trees or flowers bloom. Of course, I also like to shoot in the Golden Hour at the end of the day.

Who were you influenced by artistically?

I have been influenced by many artists. I love fine art, and this moves me. Antonio Sison is a photographer that I see as a mentor, his shots inspired me to refine my own. Dr. Sison was a Department Chairman at Robert Wood Johnson, but also an excellent photographer with a terrific eye.

Do you travel for your photography?

Yes, I love to travel more than anything, capturing images in other countries is a new excitement every time, a new adventure. I end up traveling a lot as my husband is a jazz musician and international DJ. He plays all over the world, and I travel with him and photograph.

What are some of the more interesting places where you have photographed?

I have had the privilege of shooting Cuba, Dubai, Bangkok, Moscow and Mexico recently. Cuba was a lot of fun. I would pay people to be able to shoot them. They would pose but then they would relax and forget about me. That is when I get my best shots, as a sniper!

What fight/struggle do you have regarding your art?

My struggle is always sales. It’s not a problem, but I lack the business side of things, my work could easily take off under the proper direction. I also do unique artistic portraits. They are really Fine Art portraits. Please reach out if you would like something a little different, beautifully different.

Your photos show ordinary people in glamorous ways. Is this your goal?

I love people, and I always find the beauty in everything I shoot, perhaps my love for capturing real moments shows in the photographs I share. Plus I shoot a lot, the people are relaxed, unknowing and the photos become more honest and natural.

You tie music and images together which is not always easy. Was this always an interest for you?

I love music, and my husband is so involved in the world of music that perhaps they go hand in hand. To see him work and have a thousand people up and dancing always inspires me, too.

What is your dream project?

My dream project is to be able to continue to travel the world shooting everywhere. I’ve been thinking of shooting local artists and international friends lately. To create fine art portraits of them.

For more information, go online to galaderroisnephotography.com or on Instagram @gala_derroisne_photography.