Archaeologist Richard Adamczyk.

The Trent House Association will host a virtual talk on at 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 3, on archaeological evidence of Native American life on what is now the site of the Trent House. The illustrated talk by Richard Adamczyk will be presented via Zoom with questions and answers following.

Adamczyk is an archaeologist with the historic preservation consulting firm Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc. He is the second vice president of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey. Adamczyk completed his graduate studies at Monmouth University researching and analyzing Native American occupation at the Trent House site.

The presentation will provide an overview of prehistoric archaeology in New Jersey, present artifacts illustrating evidence of the extensive period that Native Americans occupied the Trent House site, and describe how the site fits into the greater complex of ancient archaeological sites in Trenton and surrounding area.

Celebrating 300 years, the 1719 William Trent House Museum is a National Historic Landmark dedicated to bringing the 1720’s alive for the 21st century. Originally the home of William Trent—the founder of Trenton—the Trent House enhances the historical integrity and interpretation of the site through public tours and programs; care and maintenance of the historic home, furnishings, and garden; and ongoing archaeology and historical research.

Today the Trent House is owned by the City of Trenton, operated by the Trent House Association, and listed in both the State and National Registers of Historic Places.