In 2006, my husband and I moved to Plainsboro and started our family. 

Over the  past 14 years, I was fortunate to be an active member of our community, with my three growing kids. I am the class parent sending you pesky email reminders, and the one organizing book fairs, yearbook, carnivals, and entertainment nights. You have run into me working at school science fairs, field days, and service projects. I am the mom right next to you, cheering on our kids at soccer and baseball games, school plays, band and chorus concerts, or supporting Boy and Girl Scout troops. Our paths also crossed at MOMS Club events or when I coached your child’s rec soccer, rec basketball, or robotics team. 

When I moved to New Jersey, I didn’t know a soul.  With each passing year, I was lucky to meet, work with and befriend so many of you. It has made WW-P my home, one I care deeply about. 

So why am I running for the school board?

I was raised in Hawaii by a single mother working two jobs. I was part of the first generation in my family to go to college, so I believe in the value of education as a great equalizer.  I am grateful to be raising my kids in a community and in a school district, where the administration, teachers, and parents are dedicated to ensuring our children receive the education they deserve. 

At the same time, as a parent and community member, I understand the many challenges that our schools, families and students are facing during this pandemic. Concerns about health and safety, academic progress, funding/finances, among others, are on our minds. As a social worker by education and training, I have worked with adults in mental health and hospital settings, as well as children with autism and kids in a classroom setting. With my experiences, I bring a needed whole-person perspective of looking at the social, physical, mental and emotional well-being of our students. I want to be the voice of our community and support decisions that put students first.  

I would love to continue to serve WW-P in a role that can positively impact many more students. People I have worked with will tell you that I am a fair, hard working, collaborative team player, and I am respectful even when I disagree. If given the chance, I would be honored to represent our community, on the WW-P school board. 

To know more about my priorities, my background or to ask me a question, please visit my Facebook page, Loi Moliga for WW-P Board of Education.

Loi Moliga



We are writing in support of Loi Moliga as a candidate for the Plainsboro seat on the WW-P Board of Education. We met Loi several years ago when she first volunteered to take on the role of co-team administrator for our son’s travel soccer team. She is still in this role due to her organization, hard work, and dedication to all of the parents and kids in a challenging environment.

Loi has demonstrated intelligence in managing the challenging logistics of multiple soccer tournaments for WWPSA, compassion in helping kids and/or parents who were dealing with personal hardships, and dedication with the coaching training she took for the position. In the past several years, the WWP Soccer Association has gone through dramatic shifts, with several changes in leadership, different national & local group affiliations, and multiple new coaches. Loi has helped navigate all of it, understanding and communicating all the changes effectively to a diverse group of families. She speaks up for us – the parents and the kids – and doesn’t shy away from addressing difficult issues with respectful, calm resolution. Thanks to her, we have all stayed together on the team through the shifting environment around us; we feel more like an extended family than individual soccer moms and dads.

All of these demonstrated characteristics and behaviors make Loi an excellent choice to be a valuable member of the West Windsor-Plainsboro Board of Education.  Loi loves the West Windsor Plainsboro community, and we know she will represent the diverse families in our district with smart goals and policies that will benefit everyone.  She will be a great asset to the community.

Jennifer and Jonathan Schaffel 

West Windsor


I remember walking up to Loi outside Wicoff Elementary School as I waited to pick up my son from his first afternoon of kindergarten extension, 4 years ago. For some reason, in the sea of people, she seemed like a friendly face. She happily introduced herself and all her friends right away. This has been her strongest suit. She is approachable and never too busy to take a moment to check in.

As a fellow parent volunteer, I have seen first hand how tirelessly Loi has toiled for every PTA event. Always shy when the spotlight was shone on her, but always gallant in raising her hand to do yet another thing for the school. I have seen her be a champion running the Wicoff Book Fair for the last 8 years. Anyone that has organized a school book fair knows the degree of responsibility this involves. Loi has been the backbone of every single PTA event at Wicoff, sharing her experience and mentoring new members of the PTA to take on leadership positions. From Brown Bag Lunches to Field Day to Entertainment Night to Family Bingo Night, Loi has been deeply involved in the planning and execution of them all.
Being in a small town like Plainsboro, inevitably we ran into each other at different places. She has been a hard working volunteer at Cranbury Plainsboro Little League helping make the little league be a success every season. From seeing her at the concession stand to cleaning up and set up, you will never find Loi hesitate from pitching in.
As a parent with 2 kids in the school district, I feel confident that Loi Moliga will be a wonderful representative of the parent body on the Board of Education. The fact that she has kids in different grades  and different schools in the district gives her a unique boots-on-the-ground type insight that would be invaluable to informing Board of Education decisions. This, coupled with her own Social Work and teaching background make her a strong candidate for this position.
I wholeheartedly support Loi Moliga for the Board of Education.
Shreya Dasgupta

I am writing in support of Loi Moliga for West Windsor-Plainsboro Board of Education. I have known Loi for many years through her work on various PTA activities and community organizations. Loi has been a long-time supporter of Plainsboro’s children through her extensive volunteer work. I think she’ll be a highly effective member of the School Board, helping serve our district and our children.

I have worked with Loi on several different volunteer activities for the PTA, and it has always been a pleasure to be on a team with her. What strikes me about her is that she listens more than she speaks. As a leader, she seeks input from others and values their opinions.

With her training as a social worker, Loi is well-equipped to handle complicated situations that the Board of Education manages with empathy and careful consideration. I trust her to handle sensitive personal information with respect and professionalism. Loi Moliga will handle our tax dollars with care and will make decisions in the best interests of all children in the district.

This year, the Board of Education will face issues that it has never encountered before, and care for the whole child—academic, physical, social, and emotional—has never been more challenging, or more important. I trust Loi Moliga to help the WWP School Board move forward successfully.

Katie Pedley



With kids in the same grade, I met Loi Molliga 5 years ago at Wicoff Elementary School. My first impression of Loi was how genuine and approachable she was. In the five years that I have known her, that impression has never changed. After our first meeting, I would see Loi involved in so many events and activities related to the school. Whether it was putting the library book fair together, PTA events, taking over completion of the school year book, anything that needed parent involvement, Loi was there. Parents knew her, teachers knew her. As the years went on, and our children moved on to upper elementary and middle schools, she has continued to stay involved in all three schools, not only for the sake of her children but equally so for the children of the community.
Loi Molliga is an integral part of the WW-P school system as much more than an interested parent; she has given her time and heart to contribute to a better school experience for all our children. She knows our schools, our teachers, our administrators, parents, and students. In my mind, there could be no better representative than Loi Molliga to the BOE seat.
Sudha Narayanaswamy 
Plainsboro Township

I have known Loi Moliga for over 11 years. I first met her at the Moms of Plainsboro meeting and quickly noticed her passion for both children and parents. She helped me find a nursery school that would take my 2 year old, she organized all activities, which incidentally were some of the most exciting children centered activities I have seen in my years in Plainsboro. As the children got older, she planned monthly breakfasts with the moms to discuss concerns and challenges with activities and school events. A true leader, who inspired us all to make changes where we saw the need.

As a respected leader in our community, I believe that Loi Moliga is the right choice for the Board of Education. She has years of experience working closely with the PTA at three schools (CMS, MRS, Wicoff). I also had the opportunity to work closely with Loi while I was the PTA President of Millstone River School. She was the chairperson for 5th grade Carnival and I was consistently impressed by her dedication to make this a fun and safe event. These inclusive activities made sure that there were activities for all interests, physical challenges, academic games, and crafts to name a few. Her creativity and innovation is how I know that the work she will do as the new School Board member will help our children to get ahead in their academics and to also foster a true sense of empathy for others.

Loi has kept up her knowledge about critical issues and matters in our school disctrict by attending all PTA and Parent University meetings. She is participant and contributor in these meetings and through active discussions, her guidance and perspective on our student’s issues and events have been very insightful.

I urge you to cast your vote for Loi Moliga to bring a dedicated parent and leader who is concerned with the whole student and what is best for them to the WW-P Board of Education.

Salena Desiano



I will always remember fondly how I met Loi Moliga for the very first time. It was at a local Mommy and Me class that we both attended with our two toddlers, now 13 years old and entering 8th grade at Community Middle School. My family and I had just moved to Plainsboro and we did not know anyone, so we joined the class so that we could get out of the house and hopefully make some new friends. Loi was the warmest, most welcoming person to me in that class and our boys seemed to play together well, too. At the time, she served as President of the Plainsboro Moms Club, a local chapter of the nationwide non-profit organization whose motto is: “Moms offering moms support”. By the end of the class she had invited me to join the club and encouraged me to reach out to her if I wanted to set up a play date. To this day, she has always been that same person in every situation I have seen her in. The one who will be kind and generous to everyone, especially the people who might feel left out and a person who seeks out ways to put her hard work and vision into being supportive to her family, friends and community.

Aside from the Moms Club, where she served in various capacities for eight years, she has been an active member of the Plainsboro community in several other ways, from participating in various roles for the PTA, volunteering to be the “class parent” for her three children, to coaching their sports teams.

Another distinction about Loi, one that she and I have bonded over on many occasions, is that we both created a family with someone from a different culture than our own. This blending of backgrounds within her own family inherently informs her perspectives and decision making in order to create solutions to sometimes complicated situations so that everyone involved feels included and respected. In a richly diverse community such as West Windsor-Plainsboro, this insightful approach will serve as a major catalyst in advocating for finding common ground when differing opinions are brought to the table.

When I heard that Loi was running for this position, I was initially impressed and excited for her, and then I just felt like it was such an obvious choice. I can not think of another person better suited to join the Board of Education. I have full trust that she will work tirelessly and mindfully to create the absolute best possible social and academic environment in our children’s educational experience, and I am truly honored to write this letter of support on her behalf.

Lauree Ghoshal