I just graduated from Grice Middle School. I wanted to share my experiences throughout remote learning.

Remote learning seemed like a fun break from school when I initially learned about it, but soon after I realized it wasn’t as fun as it was made out to be. The first two weeks of remote learning were the easiest since teachers had light filler work for us to do. But once they made plans for the rest of the year, the workload significantly increased. I went from spending around two hours on schoolwork to almost four hours.

Many teachers started to have virtual classes which added another change into my new schedule for school. Although the virtual classes were heavily encouraged, there was still a lack of student participation in them.

The virtual classes were a new learning environment for me because there was a lack of social cues to indicate when others wanted to talk. All the information that still needed to be taught was covered throughout the rest of the online school year.

Being an 8th grader during online learning did come with its downfalls, too, like missing out on 8th-grade field trips. Some of the biggest things that 8th graders missed this year were graduating, going to the social, and having fun on their last day in middle school.

Michael Killian