New Jersey is now one of a number of states to require face masks outside, Gov. Phil Murphy said this morning.

Murphy announced on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he will sign an executive order later today requiring residents to wear face coverings during outdoor activities.

“Social distancing, face covering, basic wash your hands with soap and water and stay away from everybody if you don’t feel well, get tested, that’s the combination of steps we need to take,” he said.

Residents must wear masks outside if they are congregating within a large group and are unable to social distance. The executive order will be difficult to enforce, Murphy said, and those not in compliance will get a “warning or something worse.”

Murphy called the measure “a no-brainer” in the face of COVID-19 hotspots and spikes happening across the country, attributed to early re-opening. Even in New Jersey, the rate of transmission is back up to one—which means that each person infected with coronavirus will pass the virus along to one other person.

“We’ve gone through hell in New Jersey,” he said. “We’ve lost over 13,000 people. We’ve brought our numbers way down. We can’t go through that hell again.”