The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s newly designated licencing centers and vehicle centers will be open to walk-in customers for limited operations starting July 7.

The new expansion of operations includes new licenses and new registrations. Major changes have been made to the way the MVC will conduct business.

One is that every agency has been designated either a vehicle center (no license transactions) or a licensing center (no registration transactions). For a list of appropriate locations visit, the MVC website.

Another major change is that vehicle centers and licensing centers will not process transactions that can be conducted through the website, in order to limit unnecessary visits to MVC agencies. A list of available online transactions is posted on the Online Services page of the MVC website.

In vehicle center agencies, MVC will be processing vehicle transactions only:

  • Registration/title transfers for private sales.
  • New registrations/titles, individual and in bulk.
  • Salvage titles.
  • License plate transactions.
  • No renewals for unexpired registrations. Those can be done online at
  • No driver license or personal ID transactions will be done at vehicle centers.

In licensing center agencies, MVC will be processing driver license and ID transactions only:

  • First-time licenses and permits (REAL ID will be an option).
  • Out-of-state transfers.
  • Expired CDLs, TVRs (temporary visa restricted licenses), and any other expired licenses not eligible for online renewal.
  • REAL ID, only with a scheduled appointment, an email verifying appointment was cancelled, or if due for renewal of standard license or non-driver ID.
  • No other REAL ID walk-ins will be allowed.
  • No driver knowledge tests at this time.
  • No replacements, changes of address, or standard driver license renewals that can be done online at
  • No vehicle transactions: no registration or title work will be done at licensing centers.

Face coverings will be required inside all MVC facilities.

Expiration dates for driver licenses, registrations, inspections stickers and temporary tags have been extended to at least July 31. Road tests and inspections resumed June 29.