We, members and officers of the West Windsor Democratic Club and Democratic Committee, are deeply saddened by the documented and recurring instances of police brutality and racism that plague our society.

We take particular pride in the diversity and tolerance which drew many of us to this community. At the same time, we know that we can and must do better. We pledge to support State and local efforts to fight racism in our community and build on the values of kindness and empathy by taking the following concrete steps:

1. To enhance recruitment of black residents to join and become active members of the West Windsor Democratic Club;

2. To speak at school board meetings, write letters to the Board and Administration, and organize petitions to urge the West Windsor – Plainsboro Regional School District to reconsider its decision to place armed officers in our schools;

3. To petition the West Windsor – Plainsboro School District and the State Department of Education to enhance and deepen the school curriculum as it pertains to African-American history, including but not limited to the many tragic instances of institutional racism, residential redlining, and mob violence that have hurt and impacted African-Americans;

4. To support efforts to provide training to our police officers and Township employees to enhance sensitivity and fight implicit and explicit bias and hold West Windsor Township and our elected officials to the highest standards of integrity regarding sensitivity and explicit bias.

5. To never knowingly hold any of our events at or patronized businesses which permit or enable degradation of any group of people; and

6. To listen, sympathize, involve and actively be anti-racist in all that we do.

Kristin Epstein

Epstein is chair of the West Windsor Democratic Committee.