Bordentown Walking Tours will host a seasonal Treasure Hunt Tour starting Aug. 1 and running through the fall. The program is geared toward elementary and middle school aged children and families.

Bordentown City has been noted as one of New Jersey’s greatest “hidden gems” on a variety of lists and articles aimed at tourists. The new tour aims to pay homage to this designation by pointing out the history, shops, restaurants and attractions that make Bordentown itself the treasure.

There will be prizes along the way. Bordentown Walking Tours has partnered with small businesses along Farnsworth Avenue to distribute goods as participants solve a series of secret clues. Help is there in the form of a guide to move the tour along if anyone gets stuck.

“The goal is to make history accessible to kids, and for their grownups to find out everything special that Bordentown has to offer for the whole family,” said owner and tour guide Mark Neurohr-Pierpaoli. “I want everyone to get something out of the experience.”

Neurohr-Pierpaoli is a high school English and History teacher throughout most of the year. He operates Bordentown Walking Tours as a supplement to his family’s income in the summer and fall.

“With schools on vacation and everything else that’s been going on with the pandemic, this is an opportunity to keep the kids sharp by sneaking some learning into their fun this summer,” he says. “This is real, local edutainment at its finest.”

The tours will maintain social distance using extra wide hula hoops, and masks are required.

Bordentown Walking Tours was founded in 2018. In addition to the treasure hunt, the company offers regular historical walking tours and haunted history ghost walk tours every weekend. More information and tickets are available online.