The Nottingham High School Class of 2020 graduated in a virtual ceremony on June 17. Days earlier, Nottingham finalized senior grade-point averages and announced which graduating seniors had the 10 highest GPAs.

Each member of the Top 10 filled out a questionnaire provided to them by the Hamilton Post. Their answers follow:

Evan Dogariu

Evan Dogariu

Class rank: 1   GPA: 4.84

College: Princeton University

Intended major/career: Engineering/computer science

Sports: Tennis

Clubs: Robotics club, chess club, math club, and National Honors Society

Prior schooling: University Heights Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: Mr. Innocenzi. Throughout my years in his robotics classes, as well as on the team, Mr. Innocenzi always demonstrated and instructed the engineer’s way to approach things and solve problems while simultaneously enjoying myself; this is something that I hope to continue to apply to a wide variety of situations for many years to come.

Favorite memory: My favorite memory was watching Cutthroat Kitchen almost every day once AP exams were over.


Will Richards

Will Richards

Class rank: 2   GPA: 4.78

College: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Intended career: Mechanical engineer

Sports: Golf

Clubs: Robotics captain, Chess club co-founder, drumline section leader, math team president, DECA vice president

Prior schooling: Mercerville Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: Mr. Seeley. He was introduced to me as a new teacher who was interested in becoming a percussion instructor during my freshman year. Ever since that fateful day, he and I have formed a friendship through drumline, DECA, and golf. Though I never actually had him as a teacher, he was my instructor for three activities throughout my years of high school, two of which he convinced me to join in the first place. Mr. Seeley is undoubtedly the most influential teacher in my life, and his influence will continue to impact my future life.

Favorite memory: Sophomore year band Disney trip. Being in the happiest place on Earth with some of my best friends is an experience I will never forget.


Ethan Pizarro

Ethan Pizarro

Class rank: 3   GPA: 4.73

College: College of New Jersey

Intended major/career: Accounting

Sports: Golf

Clubs: Co-founded the Chess Club, member of Math Club, Coding Club, DECA, Key Club, Robotics Team and Debate Team

Prior schooling: University Heights Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: My 4th grade teacher Ms. Khan has been the most influential for me. She was the first of many teachers that truly made me realize my academic potential and helped encourage me to reach higher and work harder because later down the road, it will all pay off.

Favorite memory: Qualifying for the 2020 NJ DECA State Comeptition with some of my best friends. During the trip, we all had a great time and I learned a lot about business related to my major from my experiences at the event.


Kayla Mulrine

Kayla Mulrine

Class rank: 4   GPA: 4.62

College: Rutgers University

Intended major/career: Business management

Sports: Soccer, winter track, spring track

Prior schooling: Mercerville Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: Ms. Dunham. Looking to one day be a successful leader, she perfectly embodies all qualities an exceptional leader would have. As a teacher, she did more than just go through the motions and actually took the time to connect with and motivate her students.


Trevor Kliem

Trevor Kleim

Class rank: 5   GPA: 4.61

College: Stevens Institute of Technology

Intended career: Mechanical engineer

Sports: Baseball, winter track

Clubs: National Honor Society, Math Club (secretary)

Prior schooling: University Heights Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: Mr. Eyster, my middle school science teacher for 2 years. He revealed an interest within me that I never thought I could enjoy, and he made the basics of chemistry and physics fun and insightful. I probably wouldn’t be pursuing a career in engineering if it wasn’t for him.

Favorite memory: I don’t have one specific memory, but I do remember the time spent collaborating, supporting, and competing with my twin brother further down on this list. I’ve spent pretty much every day of my life with Tyler, and when it comes to school, we continue to push each other to succeed in ways we never thought possible. My work ethic and devotion to school is largely attributed to my brother, and I hope we will continue to annoy each other for years to come.


Stella Spatola

Stella Spatola

Class rank: 6   GPA: 4.59

College: Lehigh University

Intended major/career: Environmental science

Sports: Field hockey, softball

Clubs: Key Club, Math Club, Chess Club

Prior schooling: Morgan Elementary, Reynolds Middle

Teacher who inspired me: My AP bio and biotechnology teacher, Ms. Bowen. Mrs. Magdelinskas was the one to introduce biology to me, but Ms. Bowen is the one that made me want to pursue it further in college. I also loved her biotechnology course so much that I plan to make it my minor. My two classes with Ms. Bowen have been the best classes of my entire high school experience and I am so upset that they got cut short due to COVID-19.

Favorite memory: Definitely the spirit weeks at Nottingham. My school has an amazing sense of school spirit and it is so fun to participate in all of the spirit days and see everyone else participate in such creative ways.


Jessica Hallam

Jessica Hallam

Class rank: 7   GPA: 4.58

College: Rowan University

Intended major: Exploratory studies

Sports: Tennis, softball

Clubs: Pit Orchestra for school play, Key Club, Medical Careers Club, Hamilton NEWS, and National Honor Society

Prior schooling: Klockner Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: Mr. Meinhardt. Having him not only as a pre-calculus teacher but also as a coach, I was always motivated to give 100 percent in everything I did. His primary goal focused less on winning the match or acing the class but taking something valuable out of what he was teaching. Mr. Meinhardt made sure we did not walk away without a new lesson under our belt, and I will always be grateful that I was able to have him an inspirational role model.

Favorite memory: When our boys’ basketball team won the Group III State Championship game my sophomore year. It was so exciting traveling to Moorestown in fan buses as one big student section. Being able to support the team and watch them bring home that trophy is just one of the many reasons why I am thankful to be a Northstar.


Christopher Filipowicz

Christopher Filipowicz

Class rank: 8   GPA: 4.57

College: Savannah College of Art and Design

Intended career: Two-dimensional animator

Intercollegiate sports: Cross country, track

Sports: Cross country, swim and spring track Clubs: Caelestis Literary Magazine, World Language Honor Society, National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society

Prior schooling: Mercerville Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: My Studio Art teacher, Ms. Pustay, has been the most influential for me. She has pushed me to develop and evolve my artistic abilities and confidence—as well as meet my deadlines—more than any of my other teachers.

Favorite memory: Getting coached by, becoming friends with and always joking around with Coach Tees, Parsons, Digiacomo, Emerson and Pustay in cross country, swim and spring track.


Tyler Kliem

Class rank: 9   GPA: 4.56

College: University of Pennsylvania

Intended major/career: Psychology

Sports: Baseball, Winter Track

Clubs: Caelestis, Delta Epsilon Phi, German Club, Math Team, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society

Prior schooling: University Heights Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: Mrs. Kelliher, my 11th grade English teacher, unleashed my love for writing. Through her impact, I discovered the flavor and flexibility of language, the power words can commandeer, and the grip potent writing can yield. And that’s something that’ll stay with me for life.

Favorite memory: I ultimately enjoyed being with my friends. Whether it was ceremoniously eating a dog treat on Crockett’s football field or rushing to Wildwood’s beaches in July of ’19, the people I’ve resonated with have made my school and life experiences whole.


Shirley Price

Shirley Price

Class rank: 10   GPA: 4.51

College: Ithaca College

Intended major: Theatre studies

Clubs: Marching Unit, Jazz Band, School Musical, German Club, Environmental Club, Prism

Prior schooling: University Heights Elementary, Crockett Middle

Teacher who inspired me: Mrs. Klek and Mr. Susswein have been my most influential teachers because most of the extracurricular activities in school have been through them. They helped me to become a better musician and a better student overall.

Favorite memory: My favorite memory is the collective memory of all the school musicals I have been a part of. From Beauty and the Beast in 2014 to Catch Me If You Can just a few months ago, they have all been unforgettable experiences.