Grammatically, I don’t think you can say that one thing is more bittersweet than another. But if you could, then you might say June 2020 is the most bittersweet time there ever was, or, one hopes, that there ever will be for this year’s graduating high school seniors.

The pandemic and subsequent closing of all schools for the rest of the academic year has taken away many experiences those students had expected they would have: final musicals, final sports seasons, senior trips and senior proms, and so much more.

And then on the other hand, here they are: graduates. They have made it. On to the next chapter and whatever else life may bring.

Never to be lost in the shuffle is the bond that develops between students and their teachers over the course of four years. For many teachers this has also been a difficult time. Besides the students themselves, there is no one who feels the losses more acutely than the teachers and staff who invest so much of themselves into seeing these young adults succeed.

Many members of the staff of Steinert High School have gotten together — virtually, of course — to create a farewell video for the SHS Class of 2020. Even if their heartfelt video messages can’t replace the things these seniors have lost, they can stand to cement the bond between these seniors and the people who worked to prepare them for the road ahead.